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April 6th, 2019.
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Barkley Marathons is inspired by a Prison break.

Laz Cantrell is the man behind this hell ultramarathon. Cantrell, a true rebel of Tennessee, hearing about the 1977 escape of James Ray, the assassin of Martin Luther King Jr, from nearby Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. James Ray covered 8 miles (13 km) after running 55 hours in the wood.

This fact was the inspiration to create one of the world’s most grueling footraces, the Barkley Marathons. The first run was in 1986.

Laz Cantrell says:

“I think people are obsessed with comfort to the point that they forget. If you don’t have any discomfort in your life, how do you know when you feel good?”

“The fact that they will probably fail makes it more appealing.”

*Barkley Marathons is an ultramarathon trail race held near Wartburg, Tennessee. The full course is 100 miles (160 km) (distances are approximate) comprised of five 20-mile loops which you have 60 hours to complete. There is some pretty rugged and devilish terrain, a massive amount of climb about 66.000 feet and you have just your map and compass. It is cold, it is wet, it is miserable and you are alone.

People describe Laz Cantrell as a crazy (in a good way), smart and sadist guy.

Barkley Marathon is also in Netflix as a a grueling contest based on a historic prison break tests the mettle and endurance of athletes taking on a marathon many start but few finish.

Praw?? (the mascot of Passions – the mascot of Let’s Prowess) is now on Earth and he is the creature who has informedto Prawland🌕 about this ultramarathon.

Prawlandhas said that along the universe there are some crazy trail races like Barkley Marathons and do you know what? they love it.

We will do some post in the future explaining another crazy trial races held in another planets.

This is for all those creatures in the universe who have the Prowess Of Athletics.

Praw is absolutely fascinated with the Earth. He has observed that some humans possess like an aurora lights throwing from their bodies. Others, have simply nothing and he does not understand why.

L.P Opinion about Barkley Marathon : BEAUTIFUL!!!

Barkley Marathons WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE:

WHAT ARE THE Barkley Marathons?





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The Barkley Marathons starts any time from midnight to noon on race day, with one hour till race start signaled by blowing a conch. The race officially begins when the race director lights a cigarette.

In addition to running, competitors must find between nine and 14 books along the course (the exact number varies each year) and remove the page corresponding to the runner’s race number from each book as proof of completion.

Competitors get a new race number, and thus a new page requirement, at the start of each lap.

BARKLEY MARATHONS FINISHERS has been completed 18 times by 15 runners as of the 2019 event.






  Mark Williams   59:28:48   First finish


  David Horton   58:21:00   New record
  Blake Wood   58:21:01


  Ted Keizer   56:57:52   New record


  Mike Tilden   57:25:18
  Jim Nelson   57:28:25


  Brian Robinson   55:42:27   New record


  Andrew Thompson   57:37:19


  Jonathan Basham   59:18:44


  Brett Maune (1)   57:13:33


  Brett Maune (2)   52:03:08   Current record
  Jared Campbell (1)   56:00:16
  John Fegyveresi   59:41:21   Slowest finish


  Nick Hollon   57:39:24
  Travis Wildeboer   58:41:45


  Jared Campbell (2)   57:53:20


  Jared Campbell (3)   59:32:30


  John Kelly   59:30:53

🌎L.P Community ask about Barkley Marathons:


  1. When is Barkley Marathons?
  2. Is Barkley Marathon on netflix?
  3. When are the Barkley Marathons 2019?
  4. How to enter Barkley Marathons?


  1. Barkley Marathons takes place in late March or early April of each year.
  2. Yes, and it is called: The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young.
  3. It was already done.
  4. The Barkley is limited to 40 runners and usually fills up quickly the day registration opens. Requirements and times to submit an entry application are a closely guarded secret with no details advertised publicly. Potential entrants must complete an essay on “Why I Should be Allowed to Run in the Barkley”, pay a $1.60 application fee, and complete other requirements subject to change. If accepted, an entrant receives a “letter of condolence”.

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