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February 26, 2019.

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We got some Newsfrom Prawland🌕

Because on the planet called Croxy has been held one more year the Let’s Prowess Competition in the Passion of Cooking.

This year and again, Dellow and Fallwick, competed in a single battle. Everyone in Croxy know they are the best chefs on the planet and some creatures dare to say the best chefs in the universe. They may not be wrong because Croxy is known by its exquisite kitchen. 


The tradition of cooking in this planet is legendary and has always passed from parents to children. Despite their tiny size, the creatures of Croxy are very skilled in cooking and they can make delicious meals that you can only imagine in your dreams.

The predictions came true and Dellow was unfortunately defeated by Fallwick who defended the belt once again. Fallwick cooked a flan called The Flan of the Adam. The flan contained caramel, vanilla and some herbs that we don’t know.

The % Prowess Skills in Cooking from both chefs have been analysed and calculated a few times and both got 99%. However, Fallwick is developing a new cooking techniques in the last years surprising everyone. Some of them say he could have reached 99,5%What a beast!!!

L.P OpinionCongratulations both chefs. They are fascinating!!! But obviously, special congratulations to Fallwick who truly deserves being part of the Let’s Prowess Legends and this will be announced in the next post. 

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The Let’s Prowess Competition cooking show on Earth was also held during last year, here you can watch the last battle between the human creatures called Jonny Spoon Jones and Dan Fork Kluften

The Let’s Prowess Competition cooking show on Earth consisted in 10 battles, a battle x month. Each month the chefs chose a theme, like breakfast theme or Pasta theme, etc

The human creatures chefs selected were Jonny Spoon Jones and Dan Fork Kluften. The rivalry between them was very big, inside and outside. We guess this is part of the human nature:

👨🏻‍🍳 : Jonny Spoon Jones
👨🏼‍🍳 :  Dan Fork Kluften
Units Prowess (cooking) of Dan: 28% Units Prowess (cooking) of Jonny: 28%

Everything was to be decided in the last battle:

Dan had won 5 monthly battles:
Jonny had won 4 monthly battles:

Then, Dan got more votes in the last battle and won the belt LPC and also
increased his Prowess in Cooking:

Let'sProwess Competition Cooking


By the way, Prawland🌕told us last week they got the next News from Earth:

They have already confirmed the new chefs 2019/2020👨🏼‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳 for the Second Battles of Let’s Prowess Competition in the Prowess of Cooking. Soon they will be introduced😊

🌎L.P Community on Earth ask about Competition Cooking Show:


  1. What was the first competition cooking show on the Universe?
  2. Are cooking competition shows scripted?
  3. How do cooking competition shows work?


  1. We will have to ask in Prawland.
  2. As far as we know, yes.
  3. They compete their Prowess in battles. The number of the battles and the rules depends on the planet.

Passion for Cooking. Competition Cooking Show. Cooking News. Let’s Prowess.
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Passion for Cooking. Competition Cooking Show. Cooking News. Let’s Prowess.

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Passion for Cooking. Competition Cooking Show. Cooking News. Let’s Prowess.


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Passion for Cooking. Competition Cooking Show. Cooking News. Let’s Prowess.

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