Entertainment News League of Prowess Season One “ROY”

Good news for Roy in the league of Prowess Entertainment Season One.

🔴He got 138 votes what it means he already overcame 135 votes. Therefore, Roy won a teddy lion, 5 extra votes.

🦁👲🏻Remember that for each 135 votes you get a teddy lion which is equal to 5 extra votes for the league, not for the final. Roy has now 143 votes.

⚔️👲🏻👑👱🏻‍♂️ With these 143 votes, Roy is just to one vote of Remi. The fight for the crown promises to be exciting. Remi wears the crown for long time without no opponent and the times change.

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Roy plays the League of Prowess Entertainment Season One ⭐️He was interviewed a year ago explaining his Prowess, where his Prowess is coming from and doing letsprowess.

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The profile of Roy in the League Of Prowess :

✨The Prowess of Roy✨ ✨ His Prowess :Reading History books ✨

This is the only video we can share in the Prowess of Roy. They were the first videos recorded a year and a half ago…So forgive the quality and the presentation 😇


🔵✨L.P.E✨: League of Prowess, people with different Prowess (different Passions, different Purposes, different Goals) already interviewed play in an Online League Worldwide. The audience vote his or her favourite guy.

*Let’s Prowess Entertainment Season One⭐️ was already recorded during last year. REGISTER and PLAY SEASON TWO ⭐️⭐️ https://letsprowess.com/profile/register/

This is an Entertainment Weekly League where the candidates explain what Prowess they have, where this Prowess is coming from and what they do to develop their Prowess.

The Season One of Let’s Prowess Entertainment consists in 18 guys and we put in the league the main interviews.The audience give votes to their favourite Prowess and the first four positions plays the final. The Champion of the league wins 1000 pounds as a bonus.

LET’S PROWESS: The social network with more attraction where you can share your true passions, desires, goals with entertainment and competition.

to play SEASON TWO ⭐️⭐️

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  2. Roy the champion

  3. Roy is gonna win

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