Fernando Alonso retires from f1: “I’m going to miss this”

Last Grand Prix race of Fernando Alonso at Abu Dhabi, the Spanish driver finished 11th.

🔴Fernando Alonso retires from f1.

🏎Hamilton and Vettel paid tribute to Fernando Alonso following the two-time world champion’s final race.

🏁🚦The three drivers joined forces to perform donuts on the grid at the end of the race.

🧐L.P OPINION: We are just going to say some words of Fernando Alonso which reflect the essence of Let’s Prowess: I am racer, life is not always about being the fastest or being the best. I was always trying to be better, the only way to get better is to work at it, learn from your mistakes, refine your technique and apply yourself each and every day to get better.
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Fernando Alonso retires from f1. The Spanish 37-year-old won his first F1 title in 2005 and then became the youngest ever Formula 1 World Champion at the age of 24.

Alonso drove until 2006 in Formula 1 for the Renault F1-Team, with which he achieved the driver world championship in the year 2005. The Drivers’ Championship was won again by Fernando with Renault F1 for the second year in a row in 2006 edging out Michael Schumacher of Scuderia Ferrari by 13 points.

In 2007 Alonso joined Team Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes and entered a four way battle for the World Championship with his team-mate, the rookie Lewis Hamilton.

Fernando Alonso retires from F1.











Hamilton said:

Fernando is a true legend.

Vettel alluded:

We’ve missed him and will miss him.

Alonso commented:

It has been pleasure racing with these champions and I feel privileged. 

Thanks to everyone and to Formula One. I will always be a fan of this sport.

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