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May 10, 2019.

We connected📡with the Earth🌍 where Praw🦔🐻😎 “the mascot of passions” was accompanied by Jerry and Josh ready for a new Let’s Prowess Event in The Prowess Of Football.

This is for all those creatures in the universe who have the Prowess of Josh and Jerry: Passion for Broadcasting. Let’s Prowess ✨L.P✨

Josh and Jerry are the broadcasters of Let’s Prowess and they will keep you updated with the majors events happening now on Earth.

Mauricio Pochettino reaction post-match:

“It is difficult to describe this with words.”

Harry Kane reaction post-match:


Lucas Moura reaction post-match:

“It is very special for me”

L.P OPINION: We will have an English Final. Congratulations Liverpool Tottenham. You deserve it.

Football Broadcast Champions League:

🔴Ajax 2 Tottenham 3 highlights champions league 2019:

Liverpool already knows their Champions League final opponents in Madrid as Tottenham Hotspur made the impossible an incredible comeback against Ajax in the second-leg at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

🔵Ajax 2 Tottenham 3 Post Match Live reaction, debate and analysis Let’s Prowess broadcasters:

Lucas Moura scored in the 96th-minute winner to cap an incredible Tottenham fightback against Ajax and become the other Champions League finalist against Liverpool.

🔵Ajax 2 Tottenham 3 goals:

AJAX: de Ligt (5′ minutes), Ziyech (35′ minutes)
TOTTENHAM: Lucas Moura (55′ minutes, 59′ minutes, 90’+6 minutes)

Ajax vs Tottenham (2-3) | UEFA Champions League Highlights

🌎L.P Community ask about the matches. Football Broadcast Champions League:


  1. Is Mauricio Pochettino married?
  2. What team does Fernando Llorente play for?
  3. Is Son Heung Min married?


  1. Yes.
  2. He played in Athletic Bilbao and now, Spurs.
  3. Son Heung-min’s dad orders him not to get married until he retires…after making Spurs midfielder do FOUR hours of keepy-ups a day as kid. The humble South Korean forward still lives with his parents in a three-bed apartment despite his Tottenham success.
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