«Solskjaer has always had special connection with the players» Football Debate Podcast Champions League

March 10, 2019.

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We connected📡with the Earth🌍 where Praw🦔🐻😎 “the mascot of passions” was accompanied by Jerry and Josh. They were all ready for a new Let’s Prowess Event in The Prowess Of Football.

Gerardo “Jerry” and Josh “The Welsh Man” share the same Prowess: Passion for broadcasting events.

They are the broadcasters of Let’s Prowess and they will keep you updated with all what happen in the events. They just started doing their Prowess and in every video both improve their % level skills.

Football Debate Podcast Champions League: Reactions, analysis and highlights in the PSG 1- Manchester United 3 Champions League⚽️and Porto 3 Roma 1 Champions League⚽️by Let’s Prowess Broadcasters. Football podcast. Football streaming. Football Champions League Reactions.

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Football Debate Podcast Champions League. The Prowess of Jerry and Josh: Passion for broadcasting events. Let’s Prowess.

🔴 PSG 1- Manchester United 3 highlights champions league 2019:

Rashford scored an injury-time penalty as Manchester United pull off the near impossible to beat Paris Saint-Germain 3-1.

🔵PSG 1- Manchester United 3 reaction Let’s Prowess broadcasters. Football Debate Podcast Champions League:

A controversial late penalty sent United through as PSG suffered dramatic European heartbreak once again.

🔵PSG 1- Manchester United 3 goals:

PSG: Bernat (12′ minutes).
MANCHESTER UNITED: Lukaku (2′ minutes, 30′ minutes), Rashford (90’+4 minutes pen).


🔴 Porto 3 Roma 1 highlights champions league 2019:

Telles scored an extra-time penalty following a VAR review to send Porto through to the Champions League quarter-finals at the expense of Roma.

🔵 Porto 3 Roma 1 Reactions Let’s Prowess broadcasters. Football Debate Podcast Champions League:

Alex Telles penalty sends Portuguese giants through to Champions League quarter-finals.

🔵 Porto 3 Roma 1 goals:

PORTO: De Rossi (37′ pen).
ROMA: Francisco Soares (26′), Marega (52′), Telles (117′ pen).


🌎L.P Community on Earth asked about the matches. Football Debate Podcast Champions League:


  1. Are footballers allowed to bet?
  2. Did football come from rugby?
  3. Do footballers get paid too much?


  1. Yes, sounds suspicious but yes.
  2. No
  3. Tooooooooo much yes.

Football Debate Podcast Champions League. 
Let’s Prowess.
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Football Debate Podcast Champions League.

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Football Debate Podcast Champions League. Let’s Prowess.

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