«Sergio Ramos was a bit arrogant» Football Debate Show Champions League

March 10, 2019.

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We connected📡with the Earth🌍 where Praw🦔🐻😎 “the mascot of passions” was accompanied by Jerry and Josh. They were all ready for a new Let’s Prowess Event in The Prowess Of Football.

Gerardo “Jerry” and Josh “The Welsh Man” share the same Prowess: Passion for broadcasting events.

They are the broadcasters of Let’s Prowess and they will keep you updated with all what happen in the events. They just started doing their Prowess and in every video both improve their % level skills.

Football Debate Show Champions League: Reactions, analysis and highlights in the Dortmund 0 Tottenham 1 Champions League⚽️ and Madrid 1 Ajax 4 Champions League⚽️by Let’s Prowess Broadcasters. Football podcast. Football streaming.

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Football Debate Show Champions League. The Prowess of Jerry and Josh: Passion for broadcasting events. Let’s Prowess.

🔴Dortmund 0 Tottenham 1 highlights champions league 2019:

Tottenham eased past Borussia Dortmund to reach the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time since 2011.

🔵Dortmund 0 Tottenham 1 reaction Let’s Prowess broadcasters Football Debate Show:

Harry Kane became the club’s top scorer in European competition.
Leading 3-0 from the first leg, Spurs were forced to survive a first-half barrage from the Bundesliga leaders in the crackling atmosphere of the Westfalenstadion.

🔵Dortmund 0 Tottenham 1 goals:

Tottenham: Kane (48′ minutes).


🔴 Madrid 1 Ajax 4 highlights champions league 2019:

Ajax have produced one of the all-time great away performances in Champions League history with a 4-1 win in Madrid to beat Real Madrid.

🔵 Madrid 1 Ajax 4 Reactions Let’s Prowess broadcasters Football Debate Show:

Ajax stunned 13-time European champions Real Madrid at the Bernabeu to continue from a Champions League knockout tie for the first time in 22 years.

🔵 Madrid 1 Ajax 4 goals:

Madrid: Asensio (70′ minutes).
Ajax: Ziyech (7′ minutes), Neres (18′ minutes), Tadic (62′ minutes), Schöne (72′ minutes).


🌎L.P Community on Earth asked about the matches. Football Debate Show:


  1. Are footballers athletes?
  2. Are footballs made of leather?
  3. Can footballers drink?


  1. Yes, we can also consider them in the group of athletes. Especially nowadays.
  2. Some of them may be
  3. Depends on the drink

Football Debate Show. Let’s Prowess.
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Football Debate Show. Let’s Prowess.






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Football Debate Show. Let’s Prowess.

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