The doctor HECTOR G. PALMER is working on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL


 🔴Reveal novel drug-target to destroy dormant cancer cells.

 👨🏻‍⚕️Hector G. Palmer is the Investigator of the Group of Stem Cells and Cancer of Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), one of the main findings of his research has been published this year in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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Hector G Palmer (Barcelona, ​​1974), is a Spanish biologist and researcher, specialist in biochemistry, molecular biology and genomics. He has focused his research on molecular translational oncology, stem cells, tumor cells and colon cancer.

The Doctor explained in an interview:

Cancer has the tendency to plant seeds to allow them to grow again in the future. They are dormant cells which are in a dormant state, as if they hibernate. They are resistant to all conventional treatments available and retain all the malignancy. This means that, in circumstances where the patient is apparently cured, after months, years and even decades are responsible for relapses.

During dormancy, they are unaffected by powerful anti-cancer medicines since they currently only target proliferating tumor cells. This enables DTC to reach other organs and tissues in the body, until they eventually wake up.

These dormant cancer cells are hard to detect among the army of normal cells in the body, the key to this research was fine-tuning their method of detecting and isolating them.

This first study demonstrates a cross-sectional way that cells are not only present in the metastasis but also in the length of the disease, in all phases of cancer. Their studies prove that these cells are, therefore, a global phenomenon. 

 Hector G. Palmer explained:

The technology available today does not allow to detect them by image. This means that it has not been cured yet. 

Until today, most medications slow the growth of tumors killing the proliferated cells but, don’t kill those which are slept. However, the research of the Stem Cell and Cancer Group, carried out for ten years, has led to the discovery of a new therapeutic target. His method, pioneer in the world, allows to identify these cells with a biopsy of the patient and isolate them.

Hector G. Palmer and his team explained in an interview about this method:

This was an essential element that enabled us to analyse these cells as known drivers of disease regression in patients thought to have been cured, as well as discover more about their molecular makeup. We identified TET2 as the Achilles heel of dormant tumor cells  and we have been focusing our efforts on developing novel inhibitors to block this enzyme activity.


These findings open the door to new possibilities for the treatment of cancer. The team of Hector G. Palmer has been working for two years developing new drugs to modulate the activity of TET2 which would allow to stop the disease. They have two strategies opened to manufacture two types of medicines by 2021.

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