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🔴Matt is a surfer instructor, he plays in the League of Prowess Entertainment Season One and his Prowess you can imagine it: Surfing.

🏄‍♂️Matt is the most reliable surfer teacher if you truly want to know how to learn surfing.

🤙🏻His life is the sea, his passion the waves. The next explanations are very important and they are going to help you with the first step in how to learn surfing for beginners.

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How to learn surfing for beginners: The first thing you must control is the position yourself,

  1. Toes over the tail.
  2. Hands in line on the chest board.
  3. Lay down in the middle of the board.
  4. Very important to keep your head up.
  5. Looking forward, never looking down.

Once you understand these steps, you have to know these 3 concepts in order to learn surfing:

  1. The Balance.
  2. The Speed.
  3. The Awareness.

👀HAVE A LOOK THE VIDEO WHILE YOU ARE READING BELOW , just to understand easier how to learn surfing for beginners


The balance on the board so you don’t fall off.


The speed to catch the wave because if you are slow, just forget about surfing.


The awareness is things around you, the waves, the wind, the sharks…. Things like that.


keep these 3 tips in your mind, okey? These 3 concepts are very important. Now, let’s recreate how to learn surfing never done it before and how to fix the most common mistakes for beginners. We will start without water, and the next how to surf youtube video will be in the water. So, Let’s Prowess. Remind you the banner of Matt and Alejandro. Here to vote letsprowess.com/entertainment/

Imagine that you are laying on the board, okey? Look at the video with the next steps,

  1. First: See how to pop on the board.
  2. Second: When the wave is 5 or 3 meters behind you, then you have to start to paddle. IMAGINE A VOICE SAYING TO YOU: PADDLE, PADDLE, PADDLE go go go BIG, STRONG and DEEP paddles. Not to do random paddles.
  3. Third: You want to keep yourself firm and nice on the board with good paddles. So, One, Two, Three, Four good paddles, make sure you are going to catch the wave and then, pop on the board.
  4. Fourth: After the pop on the board, put your body quickly 90 degrees between your chest and the tail of the board.
  5. Fifth: Don’t hesitate, quick and strong jump with the balance on the board in your mind.
  6. Sixth: When you stand up, front foot should also be 90 degrees
  7. Seventh: Blend your knees, hands up and body upfront. And your arms when you stand up should come up in front of you like in the video.

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All the best for Matt and his Prowess. Hope we see him in the final 🙂 Next video with the second lesson tomorrow.

✨The Passion of Surfing ✨

✨The Prowess of Surfing✨

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17:00 – 17 November 2018

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