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Make as little as 5 euros monthly payment. You may think that 5 euros is not much, but for these organisations is vital to survive and gratitude their good cause efforts, we can leave a better world for future generations helping today each other. Payment is so easy and safe, you can make it either Debit Card or PayPal. As a reward, your 5 euros monthly contribution will be exchanged by exclusive monthly discounts to spend in all amazing Let's Prowess clothing available in the online shopping store. Check the massive discounts in the banner below.



The Relevant contest has been developed to support the passion for journalism. The news today are more relevant than ever.

Being a journalist is to go into the world and find stories which will educate, inform, evaluate, uncover, expose with ethic, moral and values, and trigger people’s interests and emotions.

Something relevant is something which is important to you according to the trustworthy information addressed. Someone relevant is someone who closely has appropriate knowledge and truthful information to deliver to what is being considered, having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand.

As a journalist you are personally responsible for keeping your high-quality prowess knowledge up to date and remain relevant to your news, identifying your learning and assessment needs for each news.

Thank to your news you will build strong relationships with the fans of Let’s Prowess as they will read your news, and later, the same fans will decide the one who most deserve their votes.

If you are an independent, professional, beginner, student and every passionate journalist in between, and you wish to take part in The Relevant contest, please contact us.

The benefits of winning the contest is been rewarded with a fixed-term Let’s Prowess contract called Zero News. More information about this well-deserved contract to the winner, here in news.

And…Hurry up! Because as soon as we complete the pre-list of applicants, we will not be able to take anyone else and you will have to wait for the next year. 



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