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“The key to immortality is living a life full of passion worth remembering, Let’s Prowess.”


Following the incredible content of Let’s Prowess we are delighted to introduce a great experience with the legends of Let’s Prowess like never before.

Firstly, listen confidently your favourite audios by the biggest names of each passion, anytime, no ads and no commitment.

Secondly, we look forward to welcoming the amazing audience of Let’s Prowess fans to participate in The Hall Of Frame elections as judges. 

You will be informed in Let’s Prowess social media when the opinion polls are open to determine with your votes the winner from three new nominated legends of a particular passion. Some passions elections may repeat twice during the year, including same gender.

Scrolling down the page because the voting will be held here in this same page at the opinion polling we will add for you.

Follow Let’s Prowess on social media in order to find out the upcoming elections, the candidates announced and who scoops this enormous recognition award.



Let’s Prowess Legends | The Hall of Frames

Gold SilverCopper

Most legends are not recognised everything they have done for their passions. 

However, Let’s Prowess is here to honour and praise their efforts, sacrifices and accomplishments, preparing them for eternity to inspire new generations.

Let’s Prowess legends are unique humans who deserve such recognition due to their exceptional and remarkable prowess “skills-knowledge” displayed in their respective passions.

The legends nominated that you will find in the elections are retired or inactive, and they are selected by a committee that includes representatives from all of our sites. 

We aim to celebrate the elections for each of the most popular passions in the world once a year, some passions will be celebrated twice.

And you, the fans of Let’s Prowess, will have the power with your votes. You will have the final say to decide whether the legend is crowned by gold, silver or copper. 

The first winning nominee, the one receives most votes becomes a gold frame legend, the second winning nominee becomes a silver frame legend, and the third winning nominee becomes a copper frame legend.

As soon as we know the results, the journalists will post an article about their excellent professional careers, and the posts will be added in the section of its respective colour frame outcome. 

The message for the legends is that considering the fact of being nominated should already be taken as privilege, regardless of the outcome voting poll, because this is only for a few chosen ones, therefore, legends must feel so proudly by such recognition.

The profits of your votes are help to bring further elections and give more opportunities to future legends of being recognised for their deserve professional careers. For this reason, between the fans and Let’s Prowess, we make together this distinguished award.

The payment votes of the elections are safe & secure, we will ask you to use payments in two ways, Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.


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