Magnus Carlsen, QUESTIONS and ANSWERS ( girlfriend, instagram, sister, money, height…)

We have considered to have MAGNUS CARLSEN in the select group of Let’s Prowess Legends L.P

🔴There is a documentary published and several books have been written about him. He has worked as a clothing model, sponsor brands and during last days has been one of the most photographed men on the planet.

😎The magazine “Time” included him among the hundred most influential personalities and “Cosmopolitan”, among the hundred most sexiest.

💸Play Magnus, his company, is valued at 13 million pounds.

👀We have collected some questions and answers given in an interviews, Magnus Carlsen instagram, life, football team, sister, IQ, etc. CLICK, What is Let’s Prowess?,’s P.rowess E.ntertainment (L.P.E) Season ONE League,’s P.rowess C.ompetition (L.P.C) Events
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Below is shown some Questions collected in interviews that this chess player idol has given, like Magnus Carlsen instagram, age, height, etc

 What is your favourite football team?


 Do you have a girlfriend?

 I am dating, I don’t have enough time to have a serious relationship.

 Should your girlfriend play chess to conquer you?

 Definitely no, I don’t like when girls start to talk about when they play chess with her grandparents. I can’t stand it. I want to speak about something else, no chess.

 You have the reputation that you like to sleep a lot, is that true?


 How are you getting on being famous?

 Sometimes is tired.

 Are you shy?


 Do you have any other Prowess?

 I love basketball, football and poker. But I would say my Prowess is not very high on them, 10%.

 You have been compared with Justin bieber, what do you think?

 I don’t think so.

 How old is Magnus Carlsen?


 How tall Magnus Carlsen?

 In meter=1.68 m.

 How rich is Magnus Carlsen?

 I don’t know really, but if you are interested it may be ($8 million)/year.

 When Magnus Carlsen started to play chess?

 At the age of 5.

 How many sisters does Magnus Carlsen?


 Magnus Carlsen instagram, how many followers do you have?

 I don’t know, a lot. Las time I checked it like 165.000.

 What is Magnus Carlsen’s IQ?

 No idea, I suppose it must be high.

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  1. […] MAGNUS CARLSEN QUESTIONSCLICK, You may be interested in this article. […]

  2. […] MAGNUS CARLSEN QUESTIONSCLICK, You may be interested in this article. […]

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