Ana Carrasco, the fastest female motorcycle racer of all time.

Ana Carrasco is one tough little Spaniard.

The 21-year-old Spaniard is the first woman to win a motorcycle world championship.

She was also the first woman to set pole position and the first to win a race of the World Supersport 300 Championship.

L.P OPINION: The first woman in the World to win a World Speed Championship competing with men, Congratulations Champion !!
Ana Carrasco was champion for a point and finished 13th in this epic and crazy race.

All changed on lap 5, Deroue had a technical problem and began to lose positions. Ana was 19th, but she was virtually the champion, since Perez and Grunwald did not add the points they needed.

And then, Mika had the opportunity of his life. It could even be worth it to be second if Ana did not point and Grunwald did not win.

Two laps left, Ana was placed 15th. She already had a point and Maria Herrera was first. One lap left, Ana was 13th and still with the crown. Grunwald was ruled out for victory.

Mika needed to win and she knew it. It was put first in the last return surpassing Valle. Dani returned it, making Ana champion for a point.


1.Ana Carrasco said time ago, 

My father was a race mechanic since before I was born so when I was three I started riding my big sister’s motorbike because she wasn’t interested in it. So that was a good thing for me.

I broke my elbow in 2007 and I broke my collarbone in 2015 and also my shoulder. I’m okay with pain – I can handle it.

I didn’t notice any difference between the paddocks in their attitudes towards female riders. My job is the same and the people are good with me, always

2.Ana Carrasco is studying for a law degree.

Congratulations Ana Carrasco for making history on behalf of all women 🙂