The best in the world of acrobatic and mountain biking were found once again at Red Bull Rampage.

Red Bull Rampage is the biggest Mountain Bike Freeride event in the world.

 Brett Rheeder won this new edition and held the title for Canada after the victories of Kurt Sorge and Brandon Semenuk in the previous three years. In this case, with an impeccable and very technical first descent.

L.P OPINION: jumps, tricks or acrobatics fall short to define what these beasts of the mountain bike are capable of doing on a steep terrain and hostile to the sight of any mortal. These guys turn the unevenness into an ally and the adrenaline into a collaborator necessary for a thrilling descent with no other rule than to give a show.

The Red Bull Rampage 2018, is the best event of MTB Freeride, and this edition has had all you can imagine with impossible drops, unimaginable tricks, terrifying falls and obviously, the best jumps of the world.

FIRST PODIUM: The winner and first podium for Brett Rheeder, here it is his jump:

SECOND PODIUM: The spectacular line of the Spanish biker, Andreu Lacondeguy, was only 2 points behind the winner Brett Rheeder:

THIRD PODIUM: Watch the insane run of Ethan Nell who sealed the third podium place at Red Bull Rampage 2018:

Results Red Bull Rampage 2018:

  1. Brett Rheeder (CAN) – 89.66 points
  2. Andreu Lacondeguy (ESP) – 87.33
  3. Ethan Nell (USA) – 86.33
  4. Tom van Steenbergen (CAN) – 84.66
  5. Thomas Genon (BEL) – 83.33
  6. Tyler McCaul (USA) – 82.00
  7. Kyle Strait (USA) – 80.33
  8. Syzmon Godziek (POL) – 75.00
  9. Kurt Sorge (CAN) – 74.00
  10. Brendan Fairclough (GBR) – 67.66
  11. Adolf Silva (ESP) – 64.33
  12. Vincent Tupin (FRA) – 63.00
  13. Reed Boggs (USA) – 59.66
  14. Rémy Métailler (FRA) – 55.66
  15. Graham Agassiz (CAN) – 50.00
  16. Brandon Semenuk (CAN) – 36.00
  17. DJ Brandt (USA) – 33.33
  18. Carson Storch (USA) – 0.00
  19. Jodie Lunn (CAN) – 0.00


1- Tom van Steenbergen, with a round which included a giant flat drop backflip was enough to win the Best Trick of the Red Bull Rampage 2018.

2- Adolf Silva, Spanish biker, managed to win the prize of the public. He did it after a second round and was halfway through a fall on a Superman Seat Grab. His energy attracted the attention of the spectators, just as it happens wherever he goes.

3- The fact the event was held in the desert of Utah caused that more than one of the 19 bikers could not finish their rounds and some clueless was wrong even line.

4- Vertical fall of 237 meters, double backflips or turns on the bicycle axis in the air of up to 720 degrees are some of the amazing stunts where you have a 0% margin of error.


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