Where did inspiration to create the process of Let’s Prowess come from?


LET’S PROWESS is Desire, Purpose, Attitude, Inspiration, Discipline, Power, Creativity, Determination and especially, PASSION.
PROWESS is the % “Skills – Knowledge” you have in your PASSION, and the only way to increase your % Prowess is to keep the words that define the essence of LET’S PROWESS constantly in mind: Desire, Purpose, Attitude, Inspiration, Discipline, Power, Creativity, Determination and especially, Passion.
L.ET’S P.ROWESS ✨L.P✨ is the official brand social network for the brave ones. Those who are following their Passions, identifying and defining theirselves what they are really good at. Concentrated on developing their % Prowess “Skills – Knowledge” and dare to be the one.
The brand consists of awesome events, exciting contests, featuring competitions and original entertainment with adventure. Moreover, all these ingredients are connected to remarkable Style and distinctive Show.
Creating a culture through all existing Passions in the world called Let’s Prowess, where everyone can feel valued. The vision of the new generation: Let’s Prowess https://letsprowess.com

Where does the ideology come from?

Let’s define first the term of ideology to put you in the mood because the term really suits Let’s Prowess brand: “An ideology is a set of beliefs and values attributed to a person or group of persons, especially as held for reasons which are not purely epistemic
The first time that we really got involved in Let’s Prowess was because we wanted to meet new people, interview them and have fun talking about their motivations, passions and purposes.
Through these, we started to visualise interesting things and Alejandro, the founder, convinced us like… Imagine to do this, imagine to do that, this is going to be big and completely got us, literally addicted to this goal.
And the goal has always been to make Let’s Prowess a worldwide global franchise. We are on the way to make it and this is how the company has been built.
“Let’s Prowess is in our head 24/7 is like an obsession. When you are building a company like L.P you have to work very hard, there is no time for breaks. We got into this because we are very curious about people engaged 24 hours in their Passions and doing tremendous effort just because they love it.”
We believe that there is an unexplained feeling of pleasure associated with developing your Prowess “Skills – Knowledges”, see what level you are able to reach and become the number one all over the world.
L.et’s P.rowess is not all about sports, we are fascinated by fashion, we are fascinated by nature, we are fascinated by medicine, we are fascinated by music, we are fascinated by art, etc.
We believe in Let’s Prowess and everyday when we get up, we know what the goal is. Nothing else motivates us than L.P.
We want in the future the L.P put on everywhere, every country, every city, all over this world and make the biggest events for each category. We have a lot of work to do.
Also, there is PRAW, the mascot of PASSIONS, the mascot of LET’S PROWESS. Praw is a copy of the personality of Alejandro, it took us time but here he is.

This first design of the logo was drawn by Alejandro on May 2, 2016 during his time in Newquay, England. He had the content, the inspiration and the words in his mind:

Below is the actual logo registered on December 11, 2016 :

Let’s Prowess began in March 2017.
Let’s Prowess registered trademark ®
                                                                  Let’s Prowess copyright ©
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