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Origin of the symbol

Alejandro S.M   CEO | FOUNDER

“One day I will explain the reasons why I chose the words “Let’s” and “Prowess”. For now, I am going to explain firstly, what the symbol represents, and secondly, how it came to me, the origin.

“I will try to be as brief as possible, even though it is a bit long to read. But I want to make sure that once you finish reading, you get a clear idea of ​​what this is all about.”

“Let’s Prowess is not just another brand, is a symbol, which stands for something else, representing an ideal, someone genuine. The set of words that make the identity of Let’s Prowess symbol are: Desire, Purpose, Attitude, Inspiration, Discipline, Power, Creativity, Determination and especially: Passion.

“There is a reason why these words, which they will be explained further. Let’s Prowess is also touched by Fantasy, Wild Animals and Spirit. I will explain a little bit more below.”

“I am building two Let’s Prowess worlds, one of imagination reflected in a novel, which I am currently writing, and the other of reality, which is a real world apart of the world we are actually living. Both Let’s Prowess worlds are connected to the universe, and the world of imagination influences the world of reality.”

“This the definition of the ideal of Let’s Prowess symbol, which I explain in detail in the second part below: Something or someone that is thought of as perfect for a value that an entity actively pursues as a goal, existing only in the imagination likely to become reality. 

“That something as a perfect value, it is for me the novel of Let’s Prowess, existing only in my imagination. That someone as a perfect value, it is for me genuine human beings non-existent yet in their respective passions who are likely to become reality, and I will expect to see them in future events of Let’s Prowess. The values mentioned are the values of Let’s Prowess symbol: respect and admiration.”

“Let’s Prowess is an action. It is the action to develop the Prowess “Skills-Knowledge” you have in your Passion and reach extraordinary levels never seen before in a human being, making you unique.”

“Let’s Prowess symbol can be anyone who is willing to sacrifice those daily comforts or the enjoyment of its free daily time to hard work, discipline, the courage,  train in their Prowess “Skills-Knowledge” and prove the world what they are capable of reaching.”

“It doesn’t matter your ethnicity, your age, your sexuality, your sexual attraction, your beliefs, if you are thin or fat, ugly or handsome, short hair or long hair, tattoos or not tattoos, piercings or not piercings, etc. Anyone can wear the suit of Let’s Prowess symbol because the symbol has no prejudice or stereotyping.”

“What matters to the symbol is the Passion you have, what matters is if you are willing to work hard in the Prowess “Skills-Knowledge” of your Passion, what matters is if you are confident, what matter is if you are discipline, what matters is if you are determined. If so, you are already part of the symbol and it is up to you to achieve the values of Let’s Prowess: respect and admiration.”

“Passion is the word that play the most important key in Let’s Prowess and this is why the symbol is connected or associated with Passions.”

“The heroes behinds the symbol of Let’s Prowess is not adored by stereotypes but for its tireless efforts and strong beliefs in its Passion. These heroes are warriors who are self-mastery, train fiercely to accomplish feats of great Prowess even under the harshest of conditions using fear as an encouragement. They are heroes who are able to unleash tremendous resources of skills, endurance, and knowledge that many people don’t realise they already have. They have a natural talent and a combative spirit as a consequence of their beliefs to use it in situations where their total powers and strengths are not enough. The heroes of Let’s Prowess are looking for greatness, they want to become someone else than a hero and represent in all its glory the values of Let’s Prowess: respect and admiration.”

This first design of the symbol was drawn by Alejandro on May 2, 2016 during his time in Newquay, England. He had the idea in his mind:

Below is the actual symbol registered on December 11, 2016 :

Let’s Prowess first tests in March 2017.
Let’s Prowess registered trademark ®
Let’s Prowess copyright ©

“I have always felt a strong emotion in knowing people’s passions and being curious in terms of their workouts, nutrition, lessons, mindset, basically their day by day. However, this was not enough for me, I felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied. I knew that I was looking for something else and this feeling kept hovering my mind throughout 2015.”

“It was certainly by the end of 2015, when I was blessed to feel a connection by something or someone and turn this feeling into an idea. I started to understand the inner of this idea using the imagination of my mind and think, over the last few years, how I could also turn this idea into an *ideal (something that is thought of as perfect for a value that an entity actively pursues as a goal, existing only in the imagination likely to become a reality).”

“Since then, my passion to explore the inner of this idea and discover the ideal is being a strong emotion, a feeling of intense enthusiasm for something which is defined in terms of passion.”

“Find the ideal, give the identity which are the aspects that make this ideal unique, or different from others, and represent the essence or the set of properties of this ideal that make the final symbol of Let’s Prowess has been very difficult.”

“I thought I was going to lose my mind during this process hehe but you know, I believe your mind has to be a little bit gone to see things that a simple mind does not see. I said to myself that if I was going to be the person to bring this symbol’s philosophy I had to study and learn it as much as I could and as accurate as possible.”

“I did a lot of researches, a lot of hard work, overcome adversities, experience uncomfortable situations, tough times. Besides, everything was new for me, I was not familiar with this area, no idea at all how to start, what to do and you realise how many rats are always trying to take advantage of you for your lack of experience. It was like starting from scratch you know and also I had to combine this process with my job so it has no been easy and still is not easy. But, you know what? Faced with all this, led the brand to grow as a symbol.”

“From my side, the passion has always been there, I have had to believe it and I have had to have faith in it.”

“It was important to me, crucial, recognise better than anyone the essence of the symbol and from that point, analyse its potential and raise together. To achieve that, I had to put myself and Let’s Prowess out there even though I knew that Let’s Prowess was not ready because you notice that, when something is ready or not, but I had to do it anyway. That was the only way to get to know the brand which by then was still known as a brand, and get to understand it.

“So that happened back in 2017, although the content we had it didn’t make much sense, we had to release it in order to establish the proper basis for sustained growth with the aim of making the symbol last forever.”

“I put all my skills-knowledge and all my effort on the table. Thinking day and night how to find the essence, how to improve, make sure that everything works properly because at the end of the day you are the responsable person and there are always errors.”

“I had to pay attention in the small details, change this, change that, this works, that doesn’t work, try this, try that, crazy. But that is what I planned to figure out the set of beliefs and values attributed to the Let’s Prowess symbol, in other words, the ideology of the symbol and it worked.”

“I like to say this example, it is the same when you start a relationship with your other half. I mean, you grow and mature together and as time goes on, you discover and learn things about each other and that is the relationship Let’s Prowess and I have.”

“It was finally in this year, 2020, when the dots started to connect and everything I thought was starting to make sense. I could finally discover the ideal of the symbol and that magic moment was a fascinating feeling, as if it was part of a dream.”

“Part of the ideal is influenced by the society of the past and its genuine human beings that made the difference in their respective passions, I will explain this in detail below. So, the ideal finally shows up now in 2020 and adapts to the current society to evolve together to the proper change of the future society. A proper progress of human development to another whole new level and represent it as a symbol, called Let’s Prowess. All this, allowed me to find my soul and able to find another passion.”

“Obviously, almost everything needs to be built and it is going to be double work. But, I believe that bring to light the ideal of the symbol is the most important step to do if you want to do the things properly. It takes time, discipline, persistence and patience. Eventually, those are the key points before anything.”

“You have to know better than anyone where you want to go and what achievements you want to reach. This is what makes the difference and when the game really begins. Now, my job is to built and run this game, make it happen.”

“Although I already knew that this was going to be something didn’t exist yet and more than a brand, it was truly worth all the hard work because brought the spark that made me conclude in 2020 that Let’s Prowess was going to be something more than a brand, a symbol. I said to myself, here it goes, Let’s Prowess begins.”

“I am now feeling even more curious, listening the world, appreciating, thinking, processing, translating Let’s Prowess. I feel like an artist, exploring my intuitions, my emotions, my knowledge, embracing uncertainty, releasing my fantasy, my creativity, my skills, my Passion, and putting together discipline, purpose, attitude, desire.

“I don’t know if I will have time in live to finish the huge ambitions I have for this masterpiece. I can imagine how Leonardo da Vinci felt in the process of painting The Mona Lisa, which took him more than a decade to finish.”

“The motivation I have everyday to build something unique, represent Let’s Prowess symbol and provide future generations a reason to fight, a reason to go on, a reason to pursue greatness, really give me a great commitment. Because there were, there are and there will be massive Let’s Prowess challenges to be done.”

Also, there is PRAW, the mascot of PASSIONS, the mascot of LET’S PROWESS. Praw is a copy of the personality of Alejandro, it took us time but here he is.
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