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March 27, 2019.

This is for those who have the Prowess of Ventrus 

✨Passion for Cooking.

✨News about Cooking.

He is Ventrusand everyone is talking about his perfect Sushi

The rumours have arrived until Prawland🌕. Who is cooking such a perfect Sushi?

Nopis a well-known planet by their talented creatures with the knife and their famous plants called Rais Rozynus

The plant produces a cereal called Noon similar to what is known on Earth as Rice but Noon has a unique flavour and a supernatural smell. Many creatures from different planets come to Nopjust to collect the cereal.

These creatures say that Ventrus has managed to take advantage of an exceptional way to this cereal and together with his knife skills and his culinary knowledges has managed to cook a Sushi whose taste is the same sky.

They also say that the potential of Ventrus is unstoppable and he can become one of the best.

Ventrus says:

“The secret is to be patience”

This young man comes from a humble family. It is said that Ventrus was born with a knife under one of his tentacles ready to cook.

Praw (the mascot of Passions – the mascot of Let’s Prowess) is now on Earth and he has already heardabout these rumours. He just said that as soon as he can, he will travel to Nop and eat that Sushi.

L.P Opinion: We want to see Ventrus developing his Prowess skills in cooking and becoming a great chef. And most important: competing to win the✨L.P.C✨belt in cooking.


News about Cooking is taking us to Nopbecause everyone is talking about the Sushi of Ventrus. His father was a well-known man on the planet who also possessed great skills with the knife. However, he did not have the culinary knowledge of his son. His father spent hours and hours working to pay for Ventrus cooking studies. He dreamed that one day Ventrus would be selected to coach in Prawland
It is not known if his father is still alive. He and his family were attacked by the Negative Forces and only him was kidnapped. Then, his famous knives passed into the hands of his son, Ventrus. As soon as we know more about what happened we will mention it in the Let’s Prowess Storytelling book.


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🌎L.P Community ask about Sushi:


  1. Are sushi healthy?
  2. Can sushi be frozen?
  3. Can sushi kill you?
  4. Can sushi make you fat?


  1. Yes, 100%.
  2. No advisable.
  3. Lol If you put poison inside yes.
  4. Lol Depends on how many kilos of sushi you eat.

Passion for Cooking. News about Cooking. Let’s Prowess.

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✨Praw  ???is called on Earth the mascot of the Passions, the mascot of the Let’s Prowess.
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Passion for Cooking. News about Cooking. Let’s Prowess

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News about Cooking

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