Abandoned DOG rescued and adopted by POLICE

February 6, 2019.
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Spanish police rescued and recruited puppy German Shepherd.

They plan to take care and train as a new member of the force.

Twitter poll was launched by the Police to pick a name for the newest member of the force. The chosen name was Stan Lee

The authorities in Granada, responding to a call, found a man kicking a puppy German Shepherd on the street.

After stopping the man and sending the puppy to hospital, the officers decided to adopt it.

The owner who was mistreating the dog was reported by authorities and arrested for abuse.

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Abandoned dog rescued. The puppy German Shepherd dog called now as Stan Lee had several bruises and injuries to the stomach, according to the local press. Scans showed there was no internal damage, however, and the dog has made a full recovery.

Passion for Animals, abandoned dog rescued. Abandoned dogs statistics:
Each year, approximately 670,000 dogs are euthanised and 1.6 million are adopted. About 620,000 are dogs who enter shelters as strays are returned to their owners.

  • According to the ASPCA’s National Rehoming Survey, pet problems are the most common reason that owners rehome their pet, accounting for 47% of rehomed dogs and 42% of rehomed cats. Pet problems were defined as problematic behaviors, aggressive behaviors, grew larger than expected, or health problems owner couldn’t handle.

Passion for Animals, abandoned dog rescued. Can a dog love again after having been abandoned?

In a research took place in Hungary, a group of abandoned dogs had contact with the same person on 3 occasions, for 10 minutes at a time, on successive days. During each encounter, the person walked the dog on a leash, talked to him, stroked him, played with him and practised some simple training exercises.

At the end of the 3 days, the dogs were exposed to the “Strange Situation test”, in which the person who had interacted with the dog for 30 minutes in total acted as the “owner”. How did the dogs respond? They reacted as if this person was their reference person and preferred him/her to the stranger entering and leaving the room.

The conclusion of the study is that few week old puppies are not the only ones to form bonds with people: adult dogs can also do the same.These dogs can form emotional bonds, even after a very short period of contact with the same person.

Passion for Animals. Abandoned dog rescued what to do:

A strange, frightened, and possibly sick or injured animal can behave unpredictably. Use caution when approaching the animal. Should you succeed in getting close enough to capture them, you stand a good chance of being scratched or bitten.

When moving toward the animal, speak calmly to reassure them. Make sure they can see you at all times as you approach, and perhaps entice them to come to you by offering a strong-smelling food such as canned tuna or dried liver.

If you’re not able to safely restrain the animal, call the local animal control agency (in rural areas, call the police). Leave your phone number with the dispatcher, and try to get an estimate of how long it may take someone to respond. If possible, stay on the scene to keep an eye on the dog or cat until help arrives.

If you decide to try to find the owner yourself, be sure to contact your local animal or animal control office first. This will give you an opportunity to let the appropriate agency know that you have the animal and to provide a description to them, in case the owner contacts them. Also, have the animal scanned for a microchip; this quick ID check could help you find the owner right away.

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