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Did you know that spiders are the most successful arthropods on the planet, having colonised every continent except Antarctica.

Here are the most dangerous spiders in the world, sometimes, run away from danger is the smartest decision you can make and not the most cowardly, especially, when we are talking about these scary look creatures, an impressive sweet darkness aspect.

How deadly are they really? Nowadays, the vast majority of spider species produce poison, and for a very good reason. The true purpose of spider poison is to subdue small prey (and not to harm humans!) - it is primarily an insecticide.

Despite what you may have heard, there is actually no species of spider that can rightly be described as deadly. It is true that a few people have died after being bitten by a spider, but this is extremely rare (perhaps less than three deaths a year), and there is no species that is capable of deadliness in more than a handful of incidences. Truly deadly spiders are the stuff of movies, fortunately!

The danger of a spider bite depends on various factors, including the species, the amount of poison injected, and the individual's sensitivity to the poison . . .

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