The brilliant 23-year-old, Gabby Jota David, has managed to carve out an international reputation in the dance industry thanks to her cuts shapes and shuffles.

Back in June 2014, she’s got an accident that caused Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Gabby is (@gabbyjdavid) from Ashburn, Virginia. She had to create an online store to get funds for her syndrome while continuing to do her prowess (passion) for dance.

There is no challenge that this courageous young woman youtuber doesn’t face. Her last suffleshapes is an electro shuffle tutorial from the popular online game, Fortnite.

Here it is the video:

Before fame, she started to dance ballet, jazz and contemporany. She has always been very close to her family, in fact, her father appears in a few videos.

The Dj, Chris Lake, heard about her story and made a video collaborations.

Turning back in the past, she got an injury in her foot in a dance competition. She didn’t know what exactly was but the pain was so annoying and she couldn’t see a doctor during the competition because she didn’t have an insurance.

She couldn’t stop dancing because of the show competition and at the end of the competition, the feet was so swollen.

Gabby said in an interview,

“As a dancer, you get injuries all the time. It’s not okay to do, but I just kept dancing on it.”

After the competition, she visited the hospital where she was misdiagnosed with a sprain but it was the beginning of confusing misdiagnoses driving her to fall into depression and feel useless while her mother tried to find a specialist.

In February 2015, an orthopedic specialist said to her that she had CRPS, resting and treatment would be the only way to recover.

She couldn’t afford the treatment so she tried to get funds in the rave community where she got involved at the age of 16. She opened the online store and started to sell jewelry as she was good at making them.

The online shop was included in important pages to promote it and the results were amazing as she got to sell everything and able to pay the treatment. In September 2015, she recovered and back to dance.

She showed her gratitude saying,

“I’m eternally grateful to the rave community. I would probably still be sitting in my room depressed if these people didn’t take time out of their day to reach out to me. These people have the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever come in contact with. There are so many people in the scene that are so filled with positivity.”

Congratulations to Gabby Jota David for her success and bravery.

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