Luka Modric the best 2018, QUESTIONS and ANSWERS ( salary, instagram, age, family, height…)

Praw has absorbed Luka Modric the best 2018.

Luka Modric achievements 2018: The Golden Ball, the Best of FIFA, the Golden Ball to the best player of the World Cup in Russia and the best player of the year of UEFA.

The new winner of the Golden Ball takes stock of an exceptional year on a personal level.

The midfielder of Real Madrid, Luka Modric the best 2018, has been given interviews in the last days due to his recent prize won, the golden ball 2018.

Here the answers to the next questions:

 Luka Modric age?

 33, getting older (laugh)

 Luka Modric height?

 1.72 m. I think.

 Why are Cristiano Ronaldo and Griezmann upset with the winner of the golden ball?

 (laugh) ask them, football is not only goals, goals and goals.

 Luka Modric salary?

 I don’t talk about money, I talk about work.

 Luka Modric sons?

 Two, Ivano and Ema.

 Tottenham or Madrid?

 Both, they are both special.

 Luka Modric best friend?


 How many Luka Modric assists?

 I can’t count them.

 What is the Luka Modric best goal?

 All goals are special, but with my country even more.

 Luka Modric instagram? How many followers?

 (laugh) not a lot like cristiano.

 What is your favourite number?


 Is true that Nike has to pay you money to win the Golden Ball?


 Luka Modric in ten years?

 Playing football (laugh)

 What is your favourite player?


 You said two football players who would also deserve to win the Golden Ball, which one?

 Iniesta and Xavi.


✨Thank you for your answers, Luka Modric the best 2018. 

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