Praw and the kid | Let’s Prowess Entertainment Season One

August 22, 2019.

Let’s Prowess Entertainment Season One⭐️

The League of Passions Season One REMEMBERS 🔙

Angie was one of the finalist finishing fourth position in the League of Passions Season One and played the FINAL FOUR.

HERE TO SEE HOW THE LEAGUE ENDED: letsprowess/entertainment/

Unfortunately Angie was defeated by Remi in the Second Semifinal.

📜These were the RULES for both SEMIFINALS of Let’s Prowess Entertainment L.P.E. Season One S.1 ⭐️

  1. Each semifinal will be added in the Let’s Prowess Community Chat:
  2. During the semifinal day (from 9am to 9pm) you write the name (vote) of your favourite Prowess guy in the Community Chat.
  3.  Praw will count the number of names (votes) written by each after 9pm.

CLICK THE PICTURE to find out more about ANGIE and her PROWESS EXPERIENCE:

Funny images cartoon by Let’s Prowess Entertainment Season One⭐️ or the League of Passions Season One⭐️ #differentpassions

We are remembering all what happened last year in the Season One through the adventures of Praw🦔🐻😎and the kid👦🏻

They lived the same experiences with the guys of Let’s Prowess Entertainment Season One.

REMEMBER!!! In the prior adventures Praw decided to become the mentor of the kid and teach him about life😎 during the time on Earth.

Angie played the League of Passions Season One: letsprowess/Entertainment/

🎬🎥 WHAT IS LET’S PROWESS ENTERTAINMENT or L.P.E? Let’s Prowess Entertainment also called the League of Passions, is one of the sections of letsprowess where people around the world🌎 with DIFFERENT PASSIONS are interviewed and they explain what Passion they have, where this Passion is coming from, the reasons why they found their Passions, etc. We experience and show his or her life for a couple of days, for example: their cities, their activities day by day, we play some games, sometimes we do challenges…Depends on the Prowess of the guy. The League is a Worldwide League Online and the audience vote his or her favourite guy. The winner of the League earns as a bonus, 1000💷




CLICK THE PICTURE to find out more about ANGIE and her PROWESS EXPERIENCE:

💥Let’s Prowess Entertainment Season One was recorded during last year.

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