Pete Sampras 49-years-old American tennis player is named as SILVER Let’s Prowess Legend.

My candidate is in the passion for tennis and he is the fourteen-time Grand Slam single tittles champion, Pete Sampras, an American former professional tennis player.

Pete Sampras age 49-years-old has been unanimously elected as Silver Let’s Prowess Legend and now he is part of the Hall of Frames.

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The candidates are proposed by journalists. The candidates are actually inactive, retired or dead.

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Pete Sampras is described as a class act, a role model to look up to. Kind, smart, sometimes distant, hated to lose and curious about learning.

He was better known by his nickname “Pistol Pete” due to his precise and powerful serve. Sampras participates as a UNICEF ​​collaborator in numerous presentations.

Pete Sampras was ranked as the ATP Number One Player of the Year six consecutive time. He is regarded by many as one of the greatest tennis players in the history of the sport.

In particular, he is remembered for his excellent technique and his mastery of the serve-and-volley play style.

This is why Pete Sampras is considered to be one of the best serve-and-volley players in tennis history.

He won the U.S. Open at the age of 19 and earned $43,280,000 over the course of his career in prize money and the list goes on and on.

Pete Sampras instagram see here he is not very active.

Article by Francis.
Independent Journalist.

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15th March 2021

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading so far. I really enjoy to write for this News, inspire and entertain me.

I hope you get the same feeling introducing the reasons why I thought Pete Sampras deserved to be in the hall of frames of Let’s Prowess legends.

I appreciate Let’s Prowess agreed with my proposal and I share with them the colour of the frame given to him. I have to admit that I was hesitating between Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, that was one of the best rivalry in tennis.

Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi faced off 34 times in their careers, with Sampras winning 20 of their 34 matchups.

So I finally chose Sampras. He had 14 Grand Slam titles and Agassi had 8, even though Sampras only played in Grand Slams for 15 years, whereas Agassi played for 21 years.

Sampras holds the record for most majors, most Wimbledon titles, most US Open titles, and most consecutive weeks at number 1 for years, until Federer surpassed all of the above. Agassi holds few records.

The only Grand Slam that Agassi could beat Sampras was the Roland-Garros. Pete Sampras was known for his serve and volley game, whilst Agassi was better known for his crushing baseline groundstrokes.

Pete Sampras Andre Agassi

Wimbledon 1993 – interviews

Pete Sampras vs Andre Agassi

1999 Wimbledon Final – Highlights

Before I start to write about Pete Sampras tennis style, here I add some curiosities you may find interesting.

Pete Sampras interesting facts

  1. Roland Garros was the only Grand Slam title, he NEVER won.
  2. Sampras has won the prestigious Wimbledon a record 7 times.
  3. Former Australian tennis player Australian Rod Laver was his idol since childhood days.
  4. He is married to American actress and former Miss Teen USA, Bridgette Wilson.
  5. In 2008, he published his autobiography – A Champion’s Mind: Lessons from a Life in Tennis.
  6. He has won 762 single matches while lost 222. His winning percentage is 77.43%
  7. In 1990, became the youngest US Open men’s champion at 19 years and 28 days.
  8. Pete Sampras was born on 12th August 1971 in Potomac.

I would like to add the next Pete Sampras quote which demonstrates his ambition,

“Success is walking out of here with the title, and anything less is not good enough in my book.”

Sampras was the third sibling and both of his parents were Greek. The family moved to sunny California when he was seven and had the chance to play tennis more often.

He was put under the tutelage of Jack Fischer, who saw greatness in him and instilled a belief that he was destined to win Grand Slam titles.

Pete Sampras conquers Wimbledon / Let’s Prowess

How Pete Sampras conquered Wimbledon

As Sampras had mentioned in his autobiography, “A Champion’s Mind”, it was all about inner discipline and not about personality.

A tennis player is a tennis player first and it is his performance that has to be considered and not whether he or she is an interesting person to talk to which is secondary or in my firm opinion, the least important. Sampras was a tennis professional of the highest order.

He performed his passion for tennis with class and elegance. When he was required to speak, he spoke. Let me mention another beautiful quote out of memory from his book. He said,

“I want to be remembered for the way I played. If not, then at least I want to be remembered for the way I carried myself on the court. If not this also, then I don’t want to be remembered at all.”

I was fortunate to see a few of his matches. He was intimidating and could end your will to win. People compare him with Nadal or Djokovic baseline prowess which does not make sense because of the actual times.

Sampras had one of the best serve motions on the entire ATP Tour in my opinion, and he often followed it up with exquisite volleys at the earliest opportunity.

He had a super forehand drive and had a good backhand though admittedly they were not quite as good as that of Federer. But, I believe that Sampras was a better serve and volley tennis than Federer and I also think his approach shots were better and more intelligent than Federer today.

Pete Sampras vs Roger Federer | Wimbledon 2001 fourth round | Highlights

Pete Sampras tennis style

He was to be offensive from the baseline, put opponents in a defensive position, and finish points at the net. In his later years, he became even more offensive.

He had great disguise on both his first and second serves, and his second serve was nearly as powerful as his first. He was also known for producing aces on critical points.

Sampras was an excellent athlete and tremendous running forehand. He was able to catch attacks wide to his forehand using his speed and hitting a forehand shot on the run.

Said this, time for some questions you may wonder.

Pete Sampras questions

Is Pete Sampras still married?

Pete Sampras wife Bridgette Wilson are currently living happily with his beloved wife and children.

He married Bridgette Wilson on September 30, 2000.

What is Pete Sampras net worth?

Pete Sampras net worth is estimated of a staggering $160 million.

Did Roger Federer play Pete Sampras?

Yes, the young 19 Roger Federer played against his idol, Sampras, one of his best matches career that happened in Wimbledon 2001 fourth round.

How many years did Pete Sampras play tennis?

The career started when he turned professional in 1988 and lasted until his official retirement in August 2003.

How many Grand Slam tennis titles did Pete Sampras won?

Pete Sampras Grand Slam 14 in total.

How tall is Pete Sampras?

Pete Sampras height 1,85 m.

How old is Pete Sampras?

Pete Sampras age 49 years old.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it. Let’s Prowess.


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