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You notice squiggly lines or black spots floating in front of your eyes, right? Well, you do not have to be concerned about having worms in your vision, they are not worms, they are eye floaters or simply called “floaters”.

Eye floaters are suspended in the eyeball, they slowly drift in whichever direction the eye moves and over three quarters of the population see them.

I have had some since I was a teenager. Floaters are part of our eye fluid proteins that have condensed into thickened strands of gel floating in the thinner jelly which fills our eyes, blocking light and casting faint shadows on to the retina, therefore, what we see are actually their shadows.

Floaters look kind of creepy but I assure you, they are usually harmless.

Eye floaters what causes them
The vitreous is a jelly substance made primarily of water, collagen (protein) and hyaluronan (carbohydrate). The vitreous fills the space between the lens and retina and helps the eye keep its round shape. Eye floaters may be caused by vitreous changes related to aging or from other diseases or conditions.

By aging, as you age, the vitreous changes, collagen fibers within the . . .

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