Pedro Cavadas is called the “Miracle Doctor“ here is WHY

The doctor is internationally respected due to his successes in transplants and reconstructions.

Dr. Pedro Cavadas is a 52-year-old Valencian (Spanish) plastic surgeon who overcomes himself day by day, performing complex transplants where most doctors consider impossible.

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Pedro Cavadas has been dedicated to microsurgical reconstruction since 1994. He carries out approximately 1,800 surgeries per year with his team of 3 plastic surgeons using the most innovative treatments to give solutions to patients considered inoperable.

He travels to Africa twice a year where he treats patients altruistically through his foundation.

His Passion was not supposed to be medicine but when he was 18 years old and had to choose a career, in the capital of Valencia, there was not a veterinarian career yet as his truly prowess was veterinary so, he started to study medicine. The main reason was because he didn’t want to go away to study so he decided to get into medicine. And fortunately, through the medicine he found his another Passion, his another Prowess. His skills in this Prowess blow your mind away. Just have a look next!

Here they are some of Pedro Cavadas’s most important achievements, are you ready? Looks unreal:

1In March 2004, a 25-year-old transporter had an accident and after reimplanting part of a sectioned arm, the Dr. Cavadas and his team had to reverse the operation due to an infection. They sewed the arm to the patient’s groin and kept it attached to the femoral for nine days until they could put it back in place. It was the first operation of this type in the world.

2. In December 2006, first bilateral transplant of forearms and hands to a woman. Until then, only six transplants of this type had been carried out in France, Austria and China, but all of them were men.

3. In November 2007, Pedro Cavadas and his team reimplanted the two legs of a 38-year-old man who suffered his amputation when he was dragged by a train. In order to make this impossible operation, they shortened their skeleton between 13 and 14 centimeters.

4. In September 2008a 36-year-old man suffered a traffic accident when he hit his motorcycle against a truck. One of his feet was amputated and he also had a cut at the height of the heel that separated him “almost completely” from the rest of the limb.

In addition, Dr. Cavadas had just returned from a trip to Kenya in which 70 people had been operated by him, some victims of the mutilations inflicted by an armed group.

5. In October 2008, transplant of the two arms to a 28-year-old patient above the elbow. The second in the world.

6. In August 2009, The surgeon, Pedro Cavadas and his team performed at the famous La Fe Hospital in Valencia the first face transplant in the world including jaw and tongue. The patient had suffered aggressive cancer and the radiation therapy had destroyed his face.

7. In July 2011, a young man suffered an accident for which the doctor Cavadas and his team had to perform the first bilateral leg transplant in the world. It took 10 hours and involved more than 50 professionals.

8. In June 2012, Dr. Cavadas managed to reimplant the two feet of a 10-year-old boy who suffered a car accident with catastrophic injuries.

9. In June 2015, a Moroccan woman suffered social rejection as a result of a neurofibroma that would have disfigured the entire face. In one year she was operated three times and an ocular prosthesis was placed.

10. In December 2016, a 35-year-old Kenyan patient with a giant malignant tumor at the base of the skull had been evicted in his country, Kenya, after ten years in which the tumor grew uncontrollably. The surgeon, Pedro Cavadas, made craniofacial resections with microsurgical reconstruction and the whole treatment was altruistic.

11. In March 2018, a Marine of the US Naval Forces suffered an accident aboard a submarine in which his right hand was amputated.
The team of Pedro Cavadas performed a 5-hour operation in which a skin graft was taken from the right lower limb. From the accident until the patient arrived at the hospital, more than ten hours passed. A modification had to be made in the technique in order to have provisional blood flow in the hand before starting the reimplantation.

Dr. Cavadas was decorated by the US Navy.

12. In July 2018, operation to a patient of 28 years old who remained tetraplegic at nine years after a serious injury caused by a firearm. The doctor and his team performed surgery to reconstruct a separation of the spine and pelvis by using bone in the fibula. 

13. In October 2018, the now known as “miracle doctor” has swelled his extensive list of cases successfully resolved. On this occasion he reconstructed part of the face and left hand with microsurgical techniques of a man of Kenyan origin who had been attacked by a hyena.


Pedro Cavadas dreamed of being a veterinarian of wild and exotic animals, but finally opted for Medicine and specialised in Plastic Surgery. In 1995 he received his doctorate with the qualification of apt cum laude.

He didn’t like the aesthetic surgery and the type of patient who comes to these services. So, he ended up deciding to be a reconstructive surgeon, his opinion:

It is the most complicated, grateful and rewarding specialty by far.

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