Let’s Prowess | A Symbol

Let’s Prowess is more than a brand, is a symbol which stands for something else, representing an ideal, someone genuine.

Passion is energy, focusing on that gives us a sense of fulfilment, a feeling of power and adds the drive meaning to our life purpose. Let’s Prowess represents this ideal.

If you have found your true passion, if you devote your personal aptitude to the highest level, if you believe that you can make yourself more than just a man or woman, an admirable hero, and beyond that, believe that you can become someone else than a hero, an iconic legend, this symbol is for you.

Reaching this crucial point, where passion is the key role of the symbol, then consider yourself a hero because your Let’s Prowess begins and a whole new world opens up.

The symbol does not believe that fate is written on the wall or destiny is already decided only that we have to wait for it to occur, most people who became heroes were not meant to be and there they go.

Therefore, anyone can become a hero, even a legend, if you are willing to give it all to your passion, this action is called “Let’s Prowess”. 

The symbol has no stereotypes, it does not matter what ethnicity you are, colour, culture, belief or religion. It does not matter how you are, gender, sexuality, tattoos, not tattoos, piercings, not piercings, age, size, good-looking, bad-looking, long hair, shaved hair, etc. Let’s Prowess stand next to you, be by your side.

All the symbol matters is what you are made of inside, in terms of the type of soul you possess, which leads your true passion and the energy that grows inside you emitted to the outside through your aura impacting on others, your mindset, which includes a lot of aspects, among them, your moral values, which shape the hero’s own principles about what is right and wrong, and finally, your prowess abilities.

The challenge of new heroes is to overcome the legends of the present and the past, displaying mastery prowess like no one else making themselves truly special, conclusively, achieving the values of the symbol, respect and admiration.

Write your name in the history, glory awaits you. Let’s Prowess.

The symbol is designed in a stylised mystic dark green, where the wings are the L of Let’s reflected from a mirror, and the eyes are the P of Prowess reflected from the same mirror, making a final spacecraft challenge face. In the middle, there is the mind, which is designed in blue and red circles confrontation, delivering an accumulation of energy ready to shoot.

The symbol in Negative.  The symbol has an influenced touch by science and technology, in terms of technology we believe that the best technology is yet to come and can help to unleash your maximum prowess potential. Also, the symbol is encouraged by the human spirit, wild animals and fantasy. The reasons why are explained below as well as the chosen blue and red colours for the mind.


The symbol in Positive.  The process of creating the symbol has been insane, you can watch in the video below from where we started. It took six long months to finish it, from July 2021 to December 2021, with four top designers involved, Dani Medrano, Dip, Hamza and Eduardo Pixel. Thank you for your patience and creativity. The result speaks for itself, congratulations.


We all have something inside, a hidden deep energy that awakens when we find and perform our passions, making us feel active and lively.

It is not always easy to identify our true passions, the vibes coming from them are occasionally misunderstood for different reasons.

For example, rushing ourselves is one of those which lead us to a common wrong interpretation such as confusing hobby with passion.

Hobby is a simple distraction to entertain you, today you get excited and tomorrow you get bored. However, passion is more than entertainment and is forever, you will notice it.

It is important to understand these concepts otherwise you may get frustrated in future.

You have to be patient, let yourself go, ignore the noise around you. Take your moments to sit in silence, concentrate on the task surrounded by nature and don’t compare yourself to others. These vibes are generated from your soul, not from the others.

Sooner or later, the vibes will bring from the inside out the source of your true passion, the one that has always been there.

When you truly perceive them, you just know it because you can feel something distinctive inside you, a new power born, a new strength rising, a constant desire that keeps motivating you to some particular action or activity being your identity, and this description is what is named as passion.

When you are in that state, my personal congratulations, because you are already part of the symbol.

“Let your passion becomes your purpose and the universe will drive you there. There is a hero in you, Let’s Prowess.”


The internal active emotions of our true passions are kept in our soul, which everyone inherit in the time of our process of fetal development.

We all have a soul made of particular atoms for a reason, and these atoms have a singular energy, which is used as fuel to power the cells of our body.

Therefore, we are all energy and we are all different in some way because the probability to find two souls with the same energy is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and more zeros to add as there are 1078 to 1082 atoms constantly changing in the observable universe.

You can see the many different types of atoms our souls can be made as individuals, and this is what makes it all very fascinating.

The fact of seeing each one of the humans with their own energies competing in common passions, being able to display in one way or another extraordinary skills-knowledge prowess, makes every competition truly exciting.

It is the satisfaction of every human surpassing the accomplishments of each one of your competitors and also themselves, achieving greatness from your efforts and reaching history from your feats.

I believe this is the greatest beauty of all glories and that is what the essence of the symbol of Let’s Prowess is made of.

That would be an energetic atom appreciation seen at some extent by electron microscope, an idea about how the atoms would be dispersed throughout the magnetic fields of the universe..


Surprisingly, each singular atom in your soul came from somewhere in the universe. I strongly believe that this somewhere is closely related to two transcendental points.

Beforehand, a useful few concepts to help you assess it, a basic understanding of how I managed this belief or theory, as you rather call it.

Also, before you get into it, understand that I use my imagination to reach this theory, so I combine what is apparently real as we know with what is apparently imaginary as we also know.

The truth is that no one exactly knows how true and wise is what already is taken for granted as real and also, how true and wise is what already is taken for granted as imaginary.

I show you a few examples slightly related to what I mean, think about the next scenario, you have never been in the Antarctic, you keep watching news on TV from the Antarctic, you read the newspapers column about the Antarctic, people talk to you about how awesome the Antarctic is, but you are just gathering information from others, which may be an incomplete surface comparing with the complete core, or simply lying.

Let’s say that you have blurry vision, and you are in a new background where you have never been before, you can finally see a clear background just after wearing your glasses on.

Before not wearing your prescription glasses, you can only see a deteriorated background, which does not help you to figure out where you are, people around can tell you there is this on your right side, there is that on your left side. But, how much is the truth or reality and how much is a lie or reflection about what they are telling you.

You have experiences with the people around who are guiding you, and therefore, knowledge about them to trust or not to trust, but still. I am pretty sure that you will not put your finger on it until you see clearly the background with your glasses on.

This is the same as the example of the projection of the Antarctic, as far as you are aware you are projecting in your mind an imagen of the Antarctic that comes from the information gathered by others, but you do not know how real and accurate the information they are giving about this place is or does it really exist, maybe they are just mocking you.

You suppose that this place is over there but until you do not see with your own eyes and experience this place physically, you cannot say that this place exists a hundred per cent, and this is the same for every different background in life.

Please, understand the standard definition of background as a viewer from a picture, scene, design, concepts, or circumstances that appear at a particular time or in a particular event further from you. Therefore, you cannot touch the background, you can only see what things are over there, even if they are real or simply reflection from something else.

Personally, I like to amend this term of background as places, people, objects, or anything around, near or far, that you can see them but also touch them.

Consequently, I like adding the touch, because seeing, can always be a reflection or a delusion from something non-existent, and touching, is what really turns imaginaries or reflections into real, but still, seeing is needed to confirm the reality, therefore, both are  essential.

Accordingly, you must experience seeing and touching, or touching and seeing, to really distinguish what is real and what is imaginary. If you cannot experience one of those, you will never know the dimension of that reality.

For example, with the last example of the glasses, let’s see another similar scenario. You are actually on a background where you have experienced so many times before and you have some knowledge about how the background is. But, when you return to that background after long time, you forgot your glasses in that precise moment, so you got a very blurred vision of that place and you can not see properly where you are.

In consequence, you can imagine because you have some knowledge experience about that place in the past how real this place is and where is everything located. But, you cannot guarantee that they are still there because as far as you are aware you are just projecting in your mind what you think is real from the past. However, the things on the background may change since the last time you were there, so you definitely have to put your glasses on and clearly see and properly touch the background again to understand its reality.

Another clear example, imagine you being blind unfortunately and you have a challenge where three people are in front of you, so you have to guess whether they are men, or whether women by touching their nose. Then, you start to touch each by each imagining and guessing that this is a girl, this is a man and this is another girl, but you are not completely sure, and again, I guarantee that you will not put your finger on it until you see the dimension of their realities.

Therefore, you must see and touch to turn your imagination into reality. Following the last example of the noses, it is true that the more experience you gain, in this case, touching noses, the more knowledge you have and the more you believe who is a girl and who is a boy, thus, the closer you get to what is real.

But still, you must see their faces because it may be another factors involved in your guessing that you cannot see and might confuse you and get you wrong.

These perceptions, undoubtedly, are in relation to our knowledge, which come from our experiences. The more experiences we live, the more knowledge we have and the more we believe our perceptions, therefore, the closer we get to what is real.

Here it is where I want to go with the next backgrounds below you are about to read to understand part of Let’s Prowess and its symbol.

I somehow feel that they are there, I cannot widely distinguish how real or how imaginary they are, but my knowledge let me perceive that they are there, exactly the same as the ones you may have.

Thus, the next components below are transparent background that I imagine they exist because I can perceive them as real from my knowledge experience. I take them for granted as real but I do not know how real they are as I cannot touch them or see them. Can you see my point, right?

Also and I finish with this, it can happen that over the years if you have stopped seeing and touching a specific background, then, the fact that you have stopped experienced all those elements involved in that background, can make you doubt whether that background was real or imaginary, or commonly known as a dream and this perplexity that intrigues us is what it leads us to the mystery of life.

This mystery is also what makes the life fascinating as it is, living within a dream, which is another background since what I understand from my amended description of background.

A dream, therefore, we will never know whether is real, or whether something nonexistent or mainly imaginary in our minds because we can not see or touch the proper concept of a dream as it is, all we can do is to feel it.

By the way, we always tend to associate life in a dream, but there is also a nightmare and most people experience a nightmare in some way, which has exactly the same background concept of a dream.

Both, a dream and a nightmare, are not forever. Therefore, when you look back in those days and ask perplexedly yourself how real or how imaginary was that dream or nightmare, there it goes.

Well, keep those examples and information on aside and let’s start.

Potentially, all atoms in the universe are connected one another flowing in constant vibrational movement by electromagnetic fields. These fields come and go around from different parts of the systems, including our solar system.

The chemical properties of a single atom is determined by Electrons, Protons and Neutrons. Electrons contains a negative charge, Protons a positive charge and Neutrons have no charge, they are neutral.

Obviously, I know there are a whole bunch of different aspects, concepts and circumstances involved in science study of the atomic particles and how they interact, but I won’t go too far into it, in general, that is all you need to know.

I am going to follow the standard descriptions of Electrons, Protons and Neutrons already mentioned to make you understand easily the mutual relationship that exists between them and what I like to believe, which is also based on Let’s Prowess.

Practically, when two or more atoms chemically bond together, they form a molecule.

Molecules are part of every single creature, they contain your DNA and RNA.

DNA is a molecule that contains your biological instructions like programming yourself, making species unique.

RNA is a molecule essential in various biological roles in coding, decoding, regulation and expression of genes, basically developing your personal and final identity.

Naturally, within 24 hours after fertilization, the egg that will become you or your baby rapidly divides into many cells and, with it, a tiny little soul emerges inside constituted by the first atoms.

Remember that cells are powered by molecules, and molecules are made of two or more atoms, which are the ones that constitute the energy of your soul, therefore, the final energy used by the cells of your body comes from your atoms. It is all a chain.

In fact, during the process of your fetal development, the type of DNA and RNA is codified. The type of source code depends on a set of instructions, written in a particular programming language by the energetic properties existed in the atoms of your soul, either more positively charged or more negatively charged.

Simultaneously working in connection with those instructions, there is the soul, which is also developing and increasing its tiny size by the adhesion of new atoms gathered by the present nature in that moment time in terms of biology, chemistry, geology and physics. Those new atoms are used as fuel to keep programming your DNA and ARN.

This is the reason why the first atoms accumulating in your soul, the ones before you are born, are very important because they will feature your DNA and ARN. This is the first transcendental point.

The rest of the atoms that come later, just after birth, the ones you absorb during your growth, will never replace the first ones because they are “indelible”, like “written in stone”, better said “written in your DNA and RNA”.

Indelible comes from the Latin word “indelibilis“ meaning “not capable of being removed”.

However, the atoms we absorb later after we are born, can not replace the original ones but they can cover them up, and they are constantly changing, this is the second transcendental point, which are based on the atoms we absorb in our surroundings while growing up. I explain these two points in detail below.

Your unique DNA and RNA identity already programmed and powered by the energy of your atoms, the ones are encrypted in your soul.


The first transcendental point, then, is based on the atoms we inherit before we are born. The ones will shape our soul and the ones will carry the attributes given by the universe, bringing out the internal active emotions of our true passions.

The energy carried by these first atoms, as mentioned, will be used to code our DNA and RNA, which will differentiate us from each other species making us also unique within our species.

Probably at this moment, you are wondering what type of energy was used to code your DNA and RNA, and who was the responsable of determining those significant first atoms, the ones are yours truly.

Well, the answer to that question has only one responsible, as you might already know, is the universe, who is the responsable of choosing and processing a wide range of particular atoms throughout our planet, but also, all over the solar system and beyond, in order to create a soul for a new body that is coming.

Regardless of the kind of atoms were chosen for you, let’s put in this way of negative atoms were chosen for you. The bad news is that you can’t do anything to change that as the first transcendental point says. Then, it is something not up to us unfortunately, those atoms are not changeable.

However, the good news is that you can do something about in the second transcendental point. It is in your hands, or better said, is in your mind.

Back to the first transcendental point, the interesting fact here is that the universe is not alone in this selection process.

The universe is liaised by nature, who plays its role and contributes to the final universe decision. This is what I have concluded over the last years.

Following this conclusion, the type of atoms for a soul of a new body that is coming depends on the universe plans in communication with nature. They are both constantly connected somehow in the magnetic fields.

Magnetic fields are present almost everywhere in the universe, I like to believe that they are the channel used by the signs of nature to message secretly the universe, tending to charge every magnetic fields with vibrational frequencies at its high positive energy or at its low positive energy, in other words, more positively charged or more negatively charged for a reason, giving clues to the universe about the new body arrival.

The universe decisions are influenced by nature.


The universe intercepts that message and analyse three possible scenarios depending on the noticeable frequencies around at that specific moment of the process fetal development in order to finally decide the first crucial atoms of your soul.

If the average have more electrons than protons, then, the vibration flow of that magnetic field will be charged negatively. However, if the average is opposite, there are fewer electrons than protons, the charge of that magnetic field will have a positive force.

I say there are fewer electrons because the truth is that we are all born with a small dark side or electrons in our souls, in terms of feelings or emotions such as, frustration, anger, hate, jealousy, etc. I explain below the reason I have why this situation is happening.

Some are born with a small amount and others with a big amount, but we are all born with it and that is part of the first transcendental point, we cant change that, nor the universe, because the natural environment where we live has the presence of electrons o negativity.

I explain below why this is happening, the cause of this bizarre situation and the reason I have. I just want to let you know that the second transcendental point gives us some hope, the chance to remove any possible negative energy that we may have within us, to get better ourselves.

Look carefully at the same time can happen the opposite getting us worse, depending on the surrounding atoms of your place, how dark or bright they are, you have to be enough smart to realise what the situation is and to be enough brave to walk away if you are in a mentally dark place.

Therefore, in the first scenario, the signs of nature are charging the magnetic fields with atoms whose nucleus are highly charged by electrons, the negatives, creating a low vibrational energy in the channel in order to tell the universe to ignore this new body giving any attributes or plans to its soul because according to my signs it is not a good idea.

In the second scenario is totally the opposite. The frequency signals of nature are telling the universe that this new body arriving soon has my encouragement to be a worthwhile force of nature, a person to be a full of energy, and through my signs, I am charging this magnetic channel more positively with the presence of atoms whose nucleus contain huge amount of protons, the positives, in order to capture your attention, and it is your decision to give anything you consider to its soul such as delivering one passion or another, some purpose or specific mission as well as gifts, aptitudes, a specific mission, blessings or talents.

The third scenario is very unlikely to occur but it exists the possibility. Two included cases, the nuclei of atoms present in the magnetic fields are more or less charged by the same balance of half electrons and half protons, or the nucleus of most atoms are null, no energy, and this is due the high presence of neutrons, telling you that there is nothing remarkable in this new body coming, but it is still up to your plans.

Keep those scenarios in mind, they are important to understand further down the context of passions, heroes and aura.

Now, you may be wondering, what nature signs are those? As I said before, nature can be compromised by many factors entirely related to biology, geology, physics and chemistry.

In terms of biology, clearly belongs to the type of DNA and RNA of your parents, both are passed down linearly to you, but the nature decides which one of both parents you inherit more from one than the other for a reason, and winks in collusion with the universe.

In terms of geology, physics and chemistry, for example, how the systems and planets have been aligned in the months of your process fetal development, how the space and time is connected, how the moon is being positioned, the highs and lows solar and lunar tides, the high-pressure weather, the low-pressure weather, etc. Surely, there are many other forces we are unaware of.

Believe it or not, all these nature factors together have a significant impact on the universe decision at the time of inheriting naturally our particular first atoms, the ones will be always part of us.


I always feel a magic approach in people’s eyes as the most accurate view to our nature soul.

Prioritising the iris, they are like a printed photo illustrating the manufactured process behind of the signs of nature exposed to the universe during our process fetal development, being the only clue the universe gives us to reflect what nature instructions were given to influence in its decision of processing our first atoms for a soul, being something magic, beautiful and unique.

Prioritising the pupils, I like comparing the black colour pupil of our eyes with the darkness we are all have inside our souls. Accordingly, the shades of black are colours that differ only slightly from pure black, which are telling us how much darkness we were born inside our souls at the moment of the first transcendental point said before.

If you have slightly black consider yourself fortunate as it is not that bad to have that kind of darkness, however, if you have a super black dark, it is worse.

Regarding the sign of biology, this is the reason why often our colour eyes are similar to the colour eyes of one of our parents, at the end and again, is the universe choice.

Continuing the first point, the question is, what is the reason why the universe & the nature are doing this?

The answer to this question is what I always perceive and is also what I wanted for Let’s Prowess symbol logo, reflecting this part of belief in the design of the symbol through the confrontation mind between the blue and red colours.

Eventually, as I have been explaining so far, every single atom in the universe has its own properties. Some atoms contain their energetic material more positively charged by cause of Protons and some others more negatively charged by cause of Electrons.

Although it is very rare, it can also happen to find atoms with no charge, the Neutrons.

I like to associate the terms of Protons, Electrons and Neutrons with people.

Following these undeniable facts closely linked to my personal conviction as well as the theory of Let’s Prowess, Protons would represent the good ones, the universe side which is identified by blue colour in the mind of the symbol. Contrastingly, Electrons would represent the bad ones, the evil side which is identified by red colour in the mind of the symbol.

Neutrons are not represented because they have no energy in its soul, no passions, transparent, not significant. I ignore the Neutrons for now but I will talk about them below.

Focusing on Protons and Electrons, the good ones and the bad ones, we have the reason why the universe and nature are working closely together. They are holding back our future against a monster paradoxically created by ourselves.

The picture would represent the constant battle not only in the atmosphere but also in us, between good and bad, between protons and electrons, between the universe and the evil. Imagine that the picture is showing the electric fight just in an atom and we are powered by hundreds of atoms.


I mean by this, my personal conviction, I will extend further down but here is an introduction. Have you ever wondered where the bad comes from? How did the darkness originate? Who created the negativity?

Well, all these questions have the same answer for me, and yes, the universe again, paradoxically, the one responsible for creating the negativity. You are now wondering, why?

The nature of the living, precisely the humans, is really complex for several reasons. For example, did you know that exists a tremendous and abnormal power running in the blood of all of the humans? As if it were a divine power given to us by the universe to entertain itself watching us from heaven.

Humans are indeed a mystery because this power, first, can only be activated while doing our passions, more likely, in the events where we compete. It is actually something that we all have in our blood nature but some can trigger it easier than others.

Second, I generally believe that we are all capable to release this mystic power in a combination of both principles, the darkness and the faith. I personally experienced this feeling in the past, you feel unstoppable and I would say that these two, the darkness and the faith, are the spark.

Regarding the darkness or the negativity effect, is the notion that, things of a more negative intensity, for example, any activity or scenario that has the potential for an unsuccessful outcome, it can make the negative effect to finally appear in terms of frustrations, disappointments or the fear of failure.

How to use this feeling of unpleasant thoughts or emotions significantly depend on the mind you process.

It can be used as a greater effect on one’s psychological state, which represents the blue colour in the mind of the symbol of Let’s Prowess, or totally the opposite, it can be used to finally destroy on one’s psychological state, which is the red colour in the mind of the symbol of Let’s Prowess.

In other words, a proper mind, the blue one, will empower the negativity effect for a positive impact on a person’s behaviour.

Therefore, here it goes the simple and beyond reason why the universe unchained the negativity in the past.

When the creation of the universe took place, the tiny ball of all the matter and energy went bang, giving rise to the atoms, stars and galaxies we see today.

Later, the universe made this risk consideration in delivering a small quantity presence of electrons or darkness in order to watch humans unleash that absolute power.

Because the universe, mmm how I would tell you, is constantly seeking the joy as it is the most basic reality of itself and can find that feeling of happiness in ourselves, the humans.

The universe would be someone like a heavenly sports fan who is playing a particular chess game, watching its pieces moving in all directions on the board, and, as a fan, the universe wants to enjoy a great spectacle. I will talk more about this below.

But just imagine being in the position of the universe, seated in front of the chess board for thousands of years, it might be a little boring, don’t you think.

Consequently, the universe really appreciates the humans who are in continuous movement, attracting energy, calling its attention and making it vibrates with them. They are the ones who have more possibilities to reach that maximum splendour prowess.

The other humans who are just lazy doing absolutely nothing, wasting time, they are immediately ignored by the universe.

Back to this unprecedented universe decision, it finally turned out to be a big mistake since the universe underestimated the humans’ minds and how easy they can be corrupted.

As soon as the plan was carried out to achieve the desire results, all humans began to absorb those negative electrons present in the air, and after that, the new humans born containing already certain presence of negativity in their souls.

This explains the reason why we are all born with higher or lower amount of darkness. We all have that negative energy comes from anger, hate, anxiety, hopelessness, pessimism, jealousy, etc.

What it looked like to be under control, handling properly for a time with a good balancing of both energies, ended up out of control.

Because in nature, everything is perfect and nothing is perfect, exactly the same as the human nature.

That is what the universe ignored about us, how good is our nature but also how easy our minds can be manipulated by a little darkness, mentally devoured, releasing more and more negativity into the atmosphere, like spreading a virus.

We cannot blame the universe as it is committed to fix its mistake and aims to restore the balance of the right energy force flow.

Due to this complicated and intricate situation since the huge amount of negativity had the enough mass to create a ruthless monster, exactly the same monster who is confronting the universe in the other side of the chess board.

So far, I have focused mainly on the darkness as one of the sparks to use our frustration, rage or anger into stimulation to boost our abstruse prowess potential beyond.

Regarding the second spark, the faith, can only be understood and appreciated when we contrast and compare it to the first spark, the darkness. your confidence and your belief.

The faith is spiritual growth and discernment.


Esta experiencia llena al hombre de plenitud y de sentido. La experiencia mística es difusa y mistérica, pero el hombre intuye que en ella se haya la verdad del universo y del hombre

Believing yourself that you can revert situations hardly to overcome, that is what most people would think, like looks impossible or the chances are almost impossible for others, like you are losing match by 2-1 and is the extra time but you believe that you can really score two goals, that kind of authentic and true believe, not just imagine but also visualizing that is going to happen, that you can really do it because you have that outstanding confidence in yourself that is going to happen and that is what the universe wants to see in us, “you show me, I give you”, this is how it works with the universe, but is not al alcance de todos. The good news is that you can train your mind to reach that stated if you don’t have it yet. It takes time, patience, attitude and determination. Charactirscts that are identified with the symbol of lets prowess heroes must have in order to succedd. I explain these words below, they are important.

as long as you believe in something as you our own faith is all you need to have, is vital.

The reason of embracing your own faith brings you a radial positive on you which helos to make the final piece i thsi powerto unleash it. the faith is the one who helps to boost that a supernatural force of nature and reality with your cognition and emotional.


that come from the nature and spiritual faith pero multiplicado por 2, an electric feeling que te de una sensacion como que tu cuerpo esta como flotando se ha ido, es una conexion ente tu mente y alma que te dan tanta electricidad tanta fury que parece que tu cuerpo se ha ido, a traves de todo tu cuerpo tu puedes sentirlo, las pulsaciones laten the heart beats faster than normal, la piel se te riza, y tienes un sentimiento como si tu that comes from the rage and i know that feeling because i have reached that state when i was competing in my personal passion


all negativity that have been released over the past thousands of years by the living beings, mainly us, the human beings, and continuing today and surely tomorrow, made the negative forces finally real due to the increase in the presence of electrons.

The negative forces are the ones in the atmosphere who can manipulate our minds, addressing the evil into us, turning the evil from hallucination into being.

The evil does not as such exist, the evil is just an illusion, the negative forces present in the electrons are tricking you to bring the evil to you, making it real.

Our negative behaviour, our negative way of thinking in terms of deceptive ideas or delusions, perceptions, opinions as well as our negative feelings, in terms of emotions or reactions, are the perfect path of the evil gateway.

The negative forces take advantage of those ideal ingredients to play us with misperception fears, same as the act of tricking someone, creating an illusion, making the evil exist in its own head. This is why the kind of mindset we have is important, including the level of intelligence, a weak and foolish mind is easier to manipulate. I will talk about that below.

Therefore, all this situation forced the universe to change its plans in order to defeat them and restore the right flow of force energy.

Eventually, every time we release negative energy hidden in the electrons of our atoms to the atmosphere, the universe is in a little worse situation than it currently is, making their fight harder to win.

And, contrastingly, we are doing a favour to our enemy. The more we feed our negative emotions o feelings, the more we raise the electromagnetic fields negatively, the more dangerous the negative forces become and the more easily the evil can confront us.

This ironic situation helps the negative forces present in those electrons to feed our minds even more in order to create us that state of permanent negative thinking, bringing the evil into our life.

It is actually ironic because we are intoxicating the same air that we are going to breathe later, increasing our negative thinking even more, driving us crazy.

As I said before, unfortunately we are all born with small or huge quantity the evil side, emotions or feelings that come from our soul like frustration, anger, hate, hopelessness, jealousy, and the more we feed the negative emotions o feelings in us, the more we raise the electromagnetic fields negatively and the more dangerous the evil becomes, as it can hide and appear more easily through the negative forces.

It would be something like the more negative are the channels present in the universe, the more we born being our souls powered by negative electrons, and the more toxic is the universe later.

I like to describe it as a dangerous reciprocal movement between the humans and the negatives forces, related to each other in such a way that one completes the other. In this case, we release a slight circular movement that goes around and comes back to us, back and forward.

You can be subconsciously in that negative reciprocal movement, most people don’t notice that. I have been there and I know it is difficult to realise that, but if you notice it, then you have to stop it. See how you impact the people around you, pay attention on them and pay attention on yourself, you may find it out.

Correspondingly, the universe has been facing for a very long time a controversial battle against this monster that you can call evil, devil, demon or any other, as you rather.

It is controversial because the evil, I will choose the name evil to refer to it, is like facing an invisible opponent who moves at the speed of light through the most negatively charged atoms present in the electromagnetic fields.

For that reason, the universe must examine every move carefully before taking any action as this enemy is not something easy to defeat.

Just imagine how difficult it must be to beat a rival that can be hidden in a second in a body with predominantly negative energy and a second later, in another body with similar negative energy for bad intentions.

The negative forces can do that from body to body, from thing to thing, anything that is negatively charged. 

This is a vast mental battle between two opponents, because at the end, both energies have their own properties, good or bad, positive or negative, but properties.

I also like to compare it with a chess game, the players are, no more and no less, the evil (red colour) on one side, advised by the negative forces, whose purpose is the disarticulation of the human beings with their passions and the chaos of our planet, and, the universe (blue colour) on the other side, advised by nature, whose purpose is the mastery as excellence of the human beings with their passions and the end of negativity or electrons on our planet, all at stake. 


This is an extraordinary chess game. The longest and most disputed chess game that has been played for thousands of years, generations by generations, and still today being played with both opponents thinking carefully its strategies.

The rules are totally atypical from the standard chess we know. In a normal chess game you can touch and move the pieces according to your criteria. However, this immense chess game from beyond the competitors can not touch the pieces. Both contenders can influence them through other pieces and other factors but not touch them, therefore, the pieces move and make decisions themselves.

Also, a typical chess game has sixteen pieces, eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen and one king, and in this epic chess game that I have for theory, all the pieces are replaced by humans.

Besides, they are not only sixteen humans but also countless by hundreds of kings and queens, thousands of bishops, knights, rooks, and millions and millions of pawns, and still ongoing.

Most humans are playing like pawns, some on the positive side and some on the negative side. A few humans are special, they can be bishops, knights or even rooks, again, some on the positive side and some on the negative side, and, a very few humans are very special, they are the kings and queens, and again, some on the positive side and some on the negative side.

So far, I have been talking about the first transcendental point, saying that the universe is responsable for creating a soul made of the first crucial atoms for a new body that is coming.

Then, the human body comes to light and automatically a new piece is added on this unusual game table chess called life and it is where the second transcendental point has all to say, when we immediately become a product of our environment.

Therefore, every time I talk about this outstanding game chess, I also talk about life as itself and the humans as the pieces of the game.

Another curiosity to take into account, the pieces are not permanent like the common chess we comprehend but they may vary from one piece to another.

For example, if you start the game being a pawn does not mean that you are going to be forever a pawn, or maybe yes, depending on your actions. Same as the other way, if you start being a king does not mean that you are going to end up the game being a king, or maybe yes.

As a result, pieces can change along the game depending on how they react to all types of situations. The reactions are conditioned by the kind of mind in every single piece.

Certainly, we, the humans, are the pieces determined by our own actions, which are seen by both opponents, the blue (universe&nature) and the red (evil&negativeforces), each one of them on their respective side of the chess board.

All this process is so interesting and indeed incomprehensible, because in the first transcendental point, the one refers before we born, the universe is the only responsible of giving the hidden inherited attributes in the soul of each piece, for that reason, it is the only who knows what pieces are mean to be and what pieces not.

Attributes in terms of your singular passions, gifts, talents and more. These attributes can be directly matched to pawns, bishops, kings, etc.

However, the second transcendental point can make all about the first point absolutely pointless, this is what is incomprehensible and I guess this is why a game is called.

Basically, the universe has no idea in what situation the pieces who are destined to be a king or destined to be a pawn by its own decision, will drop into the game, into the life.

To be born into this world of flesh and blood in one place or another does not depend on the universe, nor do the evil, this is what makes everything more complicated to manage by both competitors.

Where we born is actually something that no one knows, neither the game, because this game as life does not understand about logical or illogical, about fair or unfair.

When I mean about fair or unfair, for instance, an important piece on the chess board, someone truly great who helps other pieces and deserves better, suddenly and unexpectedly, has to abandon the game because of a tragic event or unlucky move on the chess board, exactly the same as life.

It can also happen on the other way, someone who doesn’t deserve to remain in the game one second longer because of an undesirable and horrible behaviour, then, turns out that he or she stays the whole game until the end as they get older. It is hard to say it but all we can do is just accept it and keep going.

You can predict your passion path but you can not predict the events can happen along your path or along your game, no one knows that, neither the universe non the evil.

There is no established pattern to follow, the game does not understand about good or bad, events happen with no reason.

Some of the evens will benefit the universe and some others will benefit the evil. Both players are not able to stop them, this is something that, we, the pieces, need to comprehend.

You just carry on, you have your own reason, you have your purpose passion that no one else knows because the other pieces have no been where you have been or they have no experienced the same events as you have experienced, so ignore the opinions or comments coming from out there.

Besides this, the new piece will be placed on the chess board with no reasonable sense, something random, in terms of location, friends, family, etc.

Some pieces will start the game in cruel conditions whilst others in privilege situations.

Let’s not look for blaming why some start in an unfair situation and others in a great situation, this happens and that is it. The most important thing is to adapt as much as possible to what you have.

We have to be grateful to be part of the game and appreciate the live as it is. I can understand that this is almost impossible to accept by pieces who are struggling day by day thinking if they will survive one more day because they don’t have food or water to drink, despite this, there is always a new sunrise to see, a reason to keep fighting.

Due to the environment, the universe sadly knows that some pieces will never take advantage of their blessings, or never find their inherited passions, or maybe they find them but the environment around weighs more than its own goodwill.

Consequently, the universe cannot control that we will end up practising the passions we meant to be.

For example, the next scenario, you were born in North America, the universe gave you the passion for football, besides, some gifts or talents for that specific passion, however, despite you will most likely end up practising basketball as it is the most popular passion in that continent.

A factor like this, among many other factors, will be a permanent obstacle in order to find and release the passion you meant to be.

But, when does happen, when the pieces have the personality and the attitude to move forward on the chess board and manage to overcome all those factors in front of the universe eyes, is very gratifying to both.

It is in fact the force of nature inside you who pushes to rebel against those odds. This is the reason why the signs of nature mentioned before are very important for the universe at the time of giving attributes for a soul of a new body.

A piece with such a force of nature is not possible to convince of anything else not related with what he or she really is.

You cannot fight against your nature, especially if your nature is strong, positive and pure force, because sooner or later, will show up and be willing to give everything for its inherited passion.

This is what gives the universe goosebumps, the universe wants to see what energy you are made of and if you have the guts to push yourself.

Someone who has the faith and the energy of the force of nature to be in constant movement attracting more and more positive energy, this is when the universe sees in you someone definitely worth it.

Then, believe me that you will get the help of the universe to guide you along your path introducing you presences either through people, the ones I call angels, or any manipulated event by the own universe to give you what you need to encourage you to keep moving forward because remember that neither the universe nor the evil can touch the pieces of the chess board.

Only those who keep complaining and reacting about the obstacles are ignored by the universe and acclaimed by the evil. That kind of behaviour can be caused by a lack of force of nature, which is related to the first transcendental point and the truth is that not everyone is born with  that force, or can be caused by the negative environment, which is related to the second transcendental point.


Regarding with the battleship chess and therefore, already in the second transcendental point, there are a few things to know apart from what has already been said.

One of the interesting aspects of this chess game is that during the game the pawns who were not meant to be, they can turn its rank around by themselves in front of the universe eyes who at the same time, will help to turn it from pawn to king.

It can also happen the opposite, a piece or someone who was destined to be a king by the blessings given by the universe, and during the game, ending up going down from king to pawn. This would be the perfect outcome for the ambitions of the negative forces and the evil later.

In these situations, most likely, the evil will finish him or her. It may also happen that the evil uses them as a target to manipulate other positive pieces close to their positions as these negative pawns are easy to manipulate due to their naive and weak mind.

The smartest and hardest move by the positive pieces is to realise about their unnoticed bad intentions and keep them away. Sometimes, it is hard to find out who is carrying the evil under its skin.

It can also happen that some positive pawns with apparently nothing to contribute in the game, they can be part of the universe plans, for example, having a mission to positively influence other pawns who deserve the credit and help support them to become someone else than a pawn, or perhaps another situation where a positive humble pawn is necessary to avoid that another positive king ends up making stupid decisions, so everyone has a role in this game.

Then, once a new piece starts the game, anything can happen, the pieces can be easily moved from one side to the other, from red to blue or from blue to red, any event can occur in the game. The spectrum line between both sides is very thin and easily to cross, only a proper mindset makes the real difference to hold on tight.

This spectral line of passions that I belief exists, is a white uniform and continuous spectrum line that separates the dark and the bright, resulting from emission or absorption of energy, positive or negative, in a narrow frequency range.

Precisely, these spectral lines identify the type of energetic atoms released from the aura of the bodies, which comes from the soul inside because remember that our souls are made of energetic atoms.

These celestial lines, then, could perfectly reflect the particular fight we are all facing inside us in secret. It would be exactly the same battle as the universe is confronting with the devil but obviously in different contexts.

What it means that we are all struggling a battle in each one of us and for that reason we should think about it before judging others because we do not know how the rest of the pieces are managing their own battles, where their personal battles are coming from. So all we can do is being more reasonable, sympathetic and kind to each other, thinking why they act in such behaviour.

when you time comes for any unpredictable or expected circumstance and you have to leave the game, make sure you picked up the positive side, don’t end up the game being negative to yourself and intoxicating everyone around you, it is sad leaving like that. dont give it that pleasure to the devil dont give it advantag

and when our body die and our soul is going to be evaporated through the universe so lets support the universe in the big game is playing now and die as positive energy, this is the minimum of the universe call for all organism living alive. no giving more positive atoms to the universe than negative.

every one of us win its own battle is a winning point for the universe in its big battle remember that we are just peones where not here forever, how we win our battles, dont let the negative side we all have inside te devore y te haga una persona rude y toxica con los demas and this is what the symbol of lets prowess is based on.

el universo le pondra pruebas para estar seguro de que esta hecho y ver si es digno de llevar sus mensajes o usar sus blessings correctamente para desarrollar impresionantes prowess skills, de ahi dependerá de el y su mente, ahi el evil intentara hacer todo lo posible para desestabililarlo o quitarlo quitarlo del camino si se entera de que esa criatura is something else.


whose actions in life are seen from the eyes of the universe and the devil who will see us as simple pawns, the majority, or as someone special, a few, to carry a message or other purpose, either for a passion or for something else transcendental, some simple pawns, others more special, some on the positive side, others on the negative side, etc. like this huy is worth to be a king, or maybe the queen, most we are peones, but sometimes the un


some pieces are enough smart to realise that they are nor in the perfect environment and being also brave enough to move on to another place, other just know that is not the perfect environment to fin themselves but they dont want to go to the next level and prefer to be comfortable and safe, there is nothing wrong about that, only is that they will waste the possible passions or blessings they may have, i will talk about the mind of the lets prowess heroes below, the ones who have find their passions


what is certain is that they can contribute or influence each of these pieces to t raves of other pieces or any other element once the good or bad events of life happen, then the darkest universe or red mas dark observes and depending on how they react to these events they can elaborate a plan or a movement in the game of chess for that specific piece, for each of the pieces if they show them that they are useful, the universe does not depend on a darker network, the only thing they can do is observe how each of these pieces or humans behave before the events that the board or game of chess or the game or life is putting each one of them.

Universe its all connevted id playing its plan to and even if you think your fail in your passion and it eas red mas dark and the universe has another plans for you it depending how you see fear

dont cross the line and become the other part of fear, the red one, the universe may have other plans for you related to other passions he wants to show you algo asi porque el alma sabe de alguna manera lo que quieres pero también el universo si ve a alguien especial en ti pues tendrñe otros planes for some reason para ti no relacionados con tu pasion y moverá y tocara la piezas que sean a través de personas, situaciones etc para que su plan se ejecute.

El universo sabe quienes son capaces de llevar ese peso y responsabilidad para llevar sus mensajes y red mas dark o devil en algunso casos lo termina  averiguando  quienes son y los imtenya eliminar a traves de sus peones toxicos en forma de perosna o en forma de redes sociales o etc

Is like they are playing a game chess ♟ dodne la mayoria somos sus peones, y solo unos pocos tienen mas peso como caballo reina o king y el unoverso sabe quienes son capaces de llevar ese peso y responsabilidad para llevar sus mensajes y red mas dark o devil en algunso casos lo termina  averiguando  quienes son y los imtenya eliminar a traves de sus peones toxicos en forma de perosna o en forma de redes sociales o etc

Y seguro que ese plan es para algo bueno en los demas y por otro lado evil jugara sus cartas para q ese plan no se produzca


But when you fall into darkness, if you don’t have the force of nature but you have the mind and you have the mind to reborn again, that also make the universe goosebumps.


The universe and the evil are watching every single piece on the board, your decisions, your actions, your reactions, everything. The only advantage the universe has over the evil is that the universe knows what passions are hidden in those pieces who has inherited a passion and is awaiting to wake them up.

cant see how the energies in every body will turn up developing and that makes so complicated to face and is where the evil take advantage, this is a constant strategy game between these two and i have to reflex this theory I have reached over the recent years in a chess game.


when you time comes for any unpredictable or expected circumstance and you have to leave the game, make sure you picked up the positive side, don’t end up the game being negative to yourself and intoxicating everyone around you, it is sad leaving like that. dont give it that pleausre to the devl dont give it advantag

whose actions in life are seen from the eyes of the universe and the devil who will see us as simple pawns, the majority, or as someone special, a few, to carry a message or other purpose, either for a passion or for something else transcendental, some simple pawns, others more special, some on the positive side, others on the negative side, etc. like this huy is worth to be a king, or maybe the queen, most we are peones, but sometimes the un


what happens if the universe gives you an inherited negative energy soul, without power and no blessings at all?

That does not mean that this body will be always carrying negative energy, because he or she could have grown surrounded by good elements, absorbing positive atoms, which would cover up as far as they could the negative ones inherited, modifying its own released energy.

Also, it can happen in the opposite way, a new body inherits a soul whose atoms are more positively charged, but later the surroundings are toxic. As a result, these negative atoms adsorbed will end up covering up the good ones, hiding them more and more, and it is here, in the surroundings, where the evil takes advantage and plays its game against the universe, I explain this point below.

The perfect scenario is a new body inherits a soul made of supreme positive atoms, and later the surrounding atoms also positive, helping to boost all its powerful amount of positive energy.


The soul we possess is something really powerful and its at the same time can be dangerous, as the soul is not smth fixed like our dna or rna,  if we dont know how to built it, that comes from our mind, the soul it can be modified more positive or negative from the essence purpose of the univese, we wil always have tis essence and purpose in our soul that is fixed in your adn y rna pero como empiezas en u  cuerpo de zero no quiere ecir q te dedcarasaeso o descubrirras tu interior el potencial q tienes en tu interior hay gente q vive y muere y nunca llego a conectar con la pasoin q fue codiicada por el universo, o a lo mejor otroslo envuenran pero por factors externos bien creados por el universo como,lesioneso por red mas dark el universo lo creo por los queria para otro purpose o mision mas grande porque asi se lo habia demostrado y es donde viene el segundo punto but the essencethe kind of material energetic we possess, and consequently, the aura we emit, play a key role in the symbol of Let’s Prowess as well as the explanation of this ideal.

some pieces are enough smart to realise that they are nor in the perfect environment and being also brave enough to move on to another place, other just know that is not the perfect environment to fin themselves but they dont want to go to the next level and prefer to be comfortable and safe, there is nothing wrong about that, only is that they will waste the possible passions or blessings they may have, i will talk about the mind of the lets prowess heroes below, the ones who have find their passions


it is important to understand that the chessboard or life is something independent of the universe or the devil, this game, which in the end is a game you have to understand that, it is what makes everything special or exciting, does not understand fair or unfair, events happen for no reason, without the universe or the darker network being able to stop them, what is certain is that they can contribute or influence each of these pieces to t raves of other pieces or any other element once the good or bad events of life happen, then the darkest universe or network observes and depending on how they react to these events they can elaborate a plan or a movement in the game of chess for that specific piece, for each of the pieces if they show them that they are useful, the universe does not depend on a darker network, the only thing they can do is observe how each of these pieces or humans behave before the events that the board or game of chess or the game or life is putting each one of them




Universe its all connevted id playing its plan to and even if you think your fail in your passion and it eas red mas dark and the universe has another plans for you it depending how you see fear

What i said before the universe is controvered because even they know what your passions have, he wants to see de q estas hecho y si eras capable to push yourself and dont croos thd line and bevome the pther part of fear, the red one, the unoverse may have othe plans for you relsted to other passions he wants to show you algo asi porque el alma sabe de alguna manera lo q quieres pero tb el universo sinte ve alguien especial tendra otros planes for some reason para ti no relscionados con tu pasion y movera y ticara la piezss q sean a traves de personas, situsciknes etc para q su plan se ejecute. Y seguro qvese plan es para algo bueno eb los demas y por otro lado evil jugara sus cartas para q ese plan no se produzca

las persoasn que te pone el universo en u camino para manipular postovamnte tu path y que vayas en la dorecion que uqire el universo para llevar su mensaje pero siemore y cuando te vea capaz viendote que creas energia y movimineto y eso atare a l nuiverso a tu que te ve posible, encourage you to take a moment today and look around you




esta foto de debajo para los heroes


la pasion escondida le florecera a traves de sus vibes, pero hasta que eso sucede el cuepor puede soncufndirse con factore extenro por eso ereomcendable darle al nuevo cuepro de peruqeño que prube varias pasiones y ver lo que siente, ver si recibe esa especial conection desde dentro, sin forzarle hacer una y ya esta

the soul and the aura appeard to be depleted in some persons, or negatively impact in other persons en personas enagtivas

an aura is also a electromagntic field uqe nace poisitivo unos mas positivos que otros, pero que su campo puede cambiar por el segundo aspecto, recuerda que cuadno nuestro cuepro el capazaraon o el arma del al ma muere, los atomos de esa alma vuelve a la corriente electoemagnetismoa del universo, por tanto en cierto modo, nunca dejamos de morir, y de ahi las famosas reencarcanciones con atomos que ya han vivido antes en una nueva alma para jn uevo cuepro, eso es otra belief que tengo que no viene a este caso pero que tambien esa reacionadi con la parte de mi belief y con los planes del universo



and here is then where The second transdental point is established with the atoms after we are born, the ones will be changeable. They are closely related to the air of our growth, becoming also part of our soul. These atoms can manipulate but not replace the ones we inherit, either for better or for worse, depending on our surroundings, such as people (family, friends, coaches, etc), place, education, habits, etc

the second point is the responsable de la razon por la que tu y tu alma surely the energy atoms of your soul today is slightly different, either more positive or more negative, and this is due to the atoms you have been absorbing so far. But I explain this second aspect further below.

but the others we absorb and feed, are in constant chane and can be replaced at diiferent rates, here is where a strong mind can help to aborvb the good one and help us to increase our posiitve energy inside us and therefore help to release higher prowess pontenital.

and we can do that thru our mind, our ind can change our bad habits in terms of nutrition, education, training, the atmosphere around you including people and the air, etc, if we built a strong mind developing and focusing in the 8 words, you can replace them, but the passion needs to be the spark in you to start make that effort in your mind .

And there are only two obvious ways to join your body –

the air that you breathe and the food and drink that you consume. The atoms that become incorporated in your body were previously in the air, plants, animals and minerals

However, and wisely said, until we know the bad news, we cannot truly appreciate the challenges of the good ones.



the second aspect, the energy we develop during our growth which depend on our surroundings.how the physical environment around i

The good news is that you can replace your negative energy, turn the negative into positive, some atoms in your body can be replaced at different rates


esta foto de debajo la pondrias para los heroes

The energy of the atoms that each individual possesses flowing inside its body.



nosotros no podemos ver si una criautea, en nuestro caso los humanso, tiene dark or light energie, in huge or small quaintity,  enegias positiva o negativas mas altas o mas bajas, pero podemos intuirlo, podemos notarlo o percibirlo si prestamos atencion por la presencia de su aura. the aura shows the field of energy you have is an electromagnetic field of energy, We are all the spectrum in between of the different polaritiesm, A spectrum is a range of a particular type of thing, A spectrum is a range of a particular type of thing, es un canal con high cibrational energies o low vibrational energis y que depende d elos factores de naturaleza y el sistema solar que he comentado anteriormente, en lugar de llamarlo ki o aura lo llamas otra cosa

you should investigate how you manage your ki, your energy, which gives you good levels and causes you to wear yourself out, this includes both the physical and psychological aspects, since the loss of energy can come from tiredness body as of mental exhaustion fruit of thought.

Aura or auric field and have found that the aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5feet (in an average healthy body) and appears to be depleted in cases of unhealthy or neagitivity person.

of people es lo que puedes intuir la energia y hasta donde podrain llegar sus skills si tiene la actiud y demas, some more positive other more negative, some with big aura of energy,

Its all energy its all vibes the aura of people

There are different types of heroes, one way or the other. There are heroes who are born with blessings or talents, it is not up to them, it is up to the universe. The universe must have its reasons for giving them gifts, but at the same time, the universe is controverted because it doesn’t know what passions are hidden in their souls.

Therefore, some heroes are born with talents, which belong to their passions, that is golden, feel privileged.

However, it turns out to be that other heroes are also born with talents but these talents don’t belong to their passions and unfortunately that is the same as putting them in the bin because there is no passion. And, many other heroes are simply born without talents.

If you are one of those heroes who has no talents that doesn’t mean that you will not succeed in your passion. But, a double amount of hard work and attitude is demanded from you. If this is your truly passion and you want to reach the same prowess levels of other heroes with talents and even overcome them, you will do it. If you can not excel with talent, triumph with effort. 

So, on the one hand, there is what is given by the universe, the talents. And, on the other hand, there is what is given by ourselves in a certain way, the courage, the attitude, the determination, the personal sacrifice, the dedication and the hard work. Why in a certain way?

Because there are internal and external factors influencing on all of us, which effect greatly or badly on our behaviour, on what is given by ourselves, and they are included in all Let’s Prowess heroes whether they have talents or not.

Since we are born, even before,  as I have mentioned before, our cells growth and reproduction are influenced by different factors, such as, the genes hereditary from our parents, how was the strength of nature during that time, how was the celestial movement around the sun align of both the moon and the planets during that time, and other forces multiple forces combined acting on the aptitude individual characteristics giving attributes, like for example charisma or leadership.

Besides, there are environmental variables that impact who we are today, social relationships, surrounding culture, childhood experiences and more.

Both, inherited traits and life experiences play a greater role in shaping our aptitude characteristics.


In terms of life experiences I personally like to believe in two theories, they refer how heroes cope with unpredictable adversities. Both theories can either be positive (creative) or negative (destructive) and this negative side can very well be dangerous to the self.

In fact, I asked the designers for emblematising these two theories in the mind of the symbol in a blue colour and a red colour, consequently, they represent the two different mindsets Let’s Prowess heroes have.

This is a constant battle of balance in heroes mind and although it seems relatively easy to control, it is not, only an individual can decide where that thin line between blue and red starts and ends.

Mentioned before about what is given by ourselves, we can control and build certain parts of our aptitudes thanks to our mindset. The type of mindset we develop is crucial.

How the adversities have been affecting you so far depend on the mindset you have and here it is the explanation of the two theories, the blue and the red. Because you can possess the talents, you can inherit tremendous aptitude characteristics, but if you don’t have a distinguished mindset unfortunately the rest is just wasted.

Therefore, on one side, there is the red one theory, which represents the heroes who have an ordinary mind, a basic mindset. When adversities occur these heroes gradually collapse, their impressive aptitudes are gone and imagined fears begin to dominate their minds.

Eventually, those imagined fears fed by their weaknesses end up turning into reality, playing with their self-confidence leading them to think that they will never be good enough again, diminishing their self-esteem, betraying their faith or beliefs, keeping them wondering “why me” “what if” or telling themselves expressions such as “I can’t” “I am a loser”, also blaming others for their unlucky situation.

Now, the real fears finally attract the negative forces present in the universe to the heroes body breaking them mentally and taking advantage of all their unpleasant emotions like anxieties, sadness, hate, worries, madness, loneliness, jealousy, etc.

At the end, their minds are completely devoured by a negative rage red monster created by their own mindset paradoxically taking over all of them. Heroes surely fall into darkness and once this point is reached, passions are likely over.

The red theory remarks that any unfortunate situation is made by the plan evil who plays its cards to destroy Let’s Prowess heroes, driving them to hard times and making them fall easily into darkness. We have seen heroes fallen over and over again in the past, present and guaranteed in future.

The truth is there is nothing we can do. Sadly, the life doesn’t understand what is fair and unfair and here it is where the evil takes advantage. Whether we like or not, the negative forces are also part of the universe and therefore, part of life.

We don’t know where, when and how we will cross paths with the evil but certainly will. There are so many threats or “ways of showing” by the evil to bring us negative force, some of them can be cruel and disturbing, even when you least expect it.

For instance, the evil may manifest itself in some cruel situations, such as bullying, illnesses, devastating injuries, in the sudden loss of a loved one, hidden in toxic people around you, targeting you terrible harms with drugs, alcohol, parties or gambling addictions, making someone close suffer, being guilty for something you didn’t do, being tricked by frauds, being fooled by your selfish decisions, driving you crazy with tons of money, etc etc etc, there is a huge list.

All we can do is just accept it, stand by ourselves because no one else will and do not be afraid. Remember that it is up to us dictate how big the based tactics created by the evil consume us and how far we want its negative side effects to harm us, because in a certain way we can also feed them depending on the mindset we have.

Every single hero worldwide who has accomplished great prowess “Skills -Knowledge” in its passion has overcome difficult times in life, and the fact to have just a determine mindset means a lot, make no mistake about it. Otherwise, you are undoubtedly broken.

The two theories in the mind of the symbol in blue and red colour representing the two different mindsets Let’s Prowess heroes have.

On the other side, there is the blue one theory, which represents the heroes who have a non-ordinary mind, a distinguished mindset. The theory explains what behaviour these heroes mentally prepared display to protect themselves from the unpredictable shots by the evil.

According to this theory, they accept the hardship as it is, as fuel to comeback stronger. Don’t get them wrong, they know that it is a difficult situation to handle, a hard path to walk along, but there is no time for weaken themselves and making excuses disappointing others, time in life is limited.

Obviously, they have a mental resilience to understand things such as, rush only makes the path worse, and patience and time are required to comeback in the best conditions as possible.

During the process of rehabilitation, as said before, imagined fears hold you back without even knowing it. These heroes recognise its presence, and they know how to turn those growing imagined fears into empowering positive questions, such as, “What is the reason for? *this question is more profound than it is, explained below, “How can I become better?” “How can I solve this?” making the imagined fears become allies to nurture and strengthen their human spirits.

Believe it or not, those imagined fears are used as intelligent positive controlled rage, this is how I personally call it and I am pretty sure many heroes have experienced the same rage, it is something beyond belief, an impulse, which come from our frustrating or unfair situations. This powerful spirit impulse is used to build up the motivation to confront the obstacle, you will be able to find it under those circumstances of discomfort.

Back to the question, What is the reason for? heroes with this kind of mindset they want to know the reasons for, they dont blame themselse asking why me? the blue theory remarks that any unfortunate situation is made by the universe, hay dos opiones en la mentalidad de estos heroes, consiguen volver a los eventos de sus pasioens despues de mucho esfuerzo, sacrifico y paciencia usando el miedo como motivacion y vuelven stronger y seguramente se convertiran en unso heroes increibles, o existe la posibilidad de que ellos caigan y se pasen a la teoria roja y terminen ablandonando su pasion y esa persona no es digna para el universo, no le ha demostadro de que esta hecho, no le ha demostado que el vale la pena de llevar sus menasjes al mundo y de hecho ya es absorvido y manipualdo por el evil, o bien caen y tengan que abandonar su pasion tb, pero entienden lo siguiente, si estas en esta opcion which wants to see de que esta hecho y si tu eres worth si tu tiene what it takes to comeback or porque el universo quiere que renuncias a tu pasion ya que tiene algo mejor guardado para ti, es una bitter pill to swallow, but at the end is worth, i know it is not easy to assimilitae, I have been there, I know what it is, a heartbroken feeling and it can be a tough moment because basically is a fallen hero y que te llevara tiempo superarlo but things slowly fall into place for a reason, the universe te ve capaz de llevar su mensaje que no esta estrictamente relacionada con tu pasion pero te hara sentir especial in different way, el universo tambien juega sus cartas y el necesita personas, sus propios heroes que sean capaces de reponerse mentalmente a semejante golpe y carry su mensaje to the world, sea el quien juegue las cartas del universo to the world and in the end, it will beso woth, ,   , but you will if you truly belong to this theory, so depende todo de como lo mires de como sea tu minded or mind or brain, the mentality you have.

the blue one reflects a distinguised mind, a proper mind that a proper hero needs to become smth eelse,  maintains the adversities are manipulated by the universe to prove themselves, to see if they have what it takes to become a legend.

You have to push yourself under difficulties, no one else is going to do it for you, you dont have a choice is a battle between you and devil, no one else, yoi can get support yout friends etc but at the end of the day is a battle between you and devil abd his negstives forces and you have the confidence that you will defeat them

they know they will find justice in same point whether si en esta life or en el mas alla.


the impact that the environment has on behavior, if it it a toxci environemnt you have to be enough clever to leave, that is what smart heroes do, otherwise you are going to be a fallen hero. that personality can be very powerfull beacuse is like how heroes face or react in front of adversities situations, if they got the most powerful impulse of the passion,

is not coward to run away from a place is full of negativity vibes, its smart instead. That is what smart heroes do, you cant waste your time in other toxic people, you will be fool if you do

The mind, body and spirit succumb

the heroes are willing


Mentioned all this, there are different types of heroes involved within the two theories.

If you possess talents associated with your passion, you have exceptionally good aptitudes and you possess a distinguished mindset, I bet you will become something else, someone genuine, almost impossible to be defeated.

You suppose to be one of the chosen ones, but do not get excessively confident or too comfortable because it can gives you a taste of its own medicine.

Even heroes like these can fall despite having all to become a legend, the margin line between the two theories is very narrow. You can easily cross the line of one and the another any time, and it is much easier to go from blue to red than from red to blue, therefore, encourage always your mindset and do not let your guard down.

It is in fact very rare for heroes who combines all the virtues fall into darkness because when their minds are overcome with emotions, their well-prepared mindsets know how to make the rational decisions.

They know they are special, hence the nervousness, for that reason it is necessary they have a proactive mindset, which will certainly know how to behave under these circumstances.

For instance, being humble but not naive, not getting pressure and mastering patience, not hesitating to step up showing your talents in the official events of your passion because paradoxically some heroes panic to show their talents in order to avoid other heroes without talents being intimidated and jealous, as a result, they become completely blocked. If you have gifts, dare to unleash them and enjoy them, get everyone intimidated otherwise you are not progressing.

In this set of heroes, we can also find those who apparently have less status. They are characterised by no talents, brilliant aptitudes and an iron mindset built by strength, initiative, confidence and mastery reside, not wracked by adversities.

Obviously, those type of heroes will have to make a massive deal of effort and endurance if they want to reach, at least, similar prowess levels of those heroes who entirely address the same aptitudes and mindset but also the advantage of possessing talents or blessings.

According to what seems to be true, the heroes with talents can achieve much easier certain high prowess levels against the ones who have no talents. But, as it is said, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough.

Finally, the last type of heroes who seem to be the lowest status by the blue theory are commonly underrated. No talents, poor aptitudes or unsuitable fitness to increase their prowess “Skills – knowledge”, but they have what is called a shifting mindset, which is a kind of non ordinary mindset, they display courage and self-sacrifice for their passions.

This mindset is known by believing in growing and changing their developed or undeveloped aptitudes for the greater good, seeing challenges as opportunities, focusing on progress instead of results, prioritising learning over perfection, rewarding themselves for the performance regardless whether the outcome increases their prowess or not.

Even these heroes with no talents and neither aptitude characteristics, believe it or not, a shifting mindset can drive them to become widely admired in a particular passion, an icon for the new generations being a great significance for the little ones showing them that they are capable of competing against other remarkable heroes with talents and notable aptitudes, and even defeating them.

Apart, there is also a minority of heroes who do not belong to either of the two theories and the reason is because they have no mind, an absolutely absent-minded brain. This is surely followed by no aptitudes, and in terms of talents, doesn’t matter whether they have them or not, their mindset is null.

However, they also have the right to be considered as heroes because unequivocally they found a passion inside them. These heroes have no good reputation and they are most commonly named as “the remains heroes” seen by the others as dishonoured, repulsive and excluded from what a Let’s Prowess hero means.

“The remains heroes” are the type of heroes who just avoid doing something, struggling with motivation, spoiled behaviour, stressing out under one touch the slightest pressure, inattentive disposition, low mood, easily distracted, uncaring about problems, wasting time on useless things, keeping distant from anything involves too much effort, and surprisingly, they always look fatigue. 

It is a controversial situation because they can’t succeed with such description. Also, the possibility of changing themselves establishing an effort routine to get a minimum of mental stimulation, building up their minds, moulding those minds and straightening them out to powerful mindset as the blue theory says, is rather remote.

It is the only choice they have though, prove themselves worth. If it is true that they have already found a real passion, then that will be the spark of energy to rebel against themselves, control what is given by us, step up and gain good aptitudes. Build yourself all over again.

The performance may not be fantastic at the start, but just get the job done. Be routinely determined, set non-negotiable points based on resistance and dedication, and you will be unconsciously developing a new shape mentally and physically indestructible.

Reinvent yourself, demand full attention from your rivals, bring your honour and respect back and show the type of hero you are.

Also, be aware that failure exists, this is the reality that most heroes pretend to ignore. If you have given your best, you have done all you can do, and still, you don’t succeed, have no regrets, you are already an admirable hero.

The blue theory represented by a Let’s Prowess hero who has achieved the prowess excellence through a combination of skills and knowledge developed.

so at the end, There are two kind of fears, the fear you use depends on your mindset, al final el plan del universo bajo la foto del universo plan

Mmmm pones ebtlnces al final what king od mindset is for a proper hero, la escala esa de que luego cmo es una proper mindset, ESTO SERA LA OTRA IMAGEN PARA PONER DEBAJO DE LA NUEVA IMAGEN DE UNA BRAIN, PRIMERO LA IMAGEN DEL UNIVERSO, y luego la de la brain, y pones lo de como es una strong mind wikipedia,

it depends on your mindset what colour theory interprets.  (despues deexplicarlas) a strong mind wikipedia

A distinguised mind with ethic values, ethic morals, unimagible strength, they dont lose quite easily, an intense blast of light, they are certainly resilient, they way the handle the situations

they are not running away from challenges

these heroes Feeling satisfied and fulfilled builds the prowess of their passions

a dedication to fearlessness, determine

Natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others

The relationship between the body and the spirit

Superpower and you are more than a hero, a superhero, likely mean to be a legend


heroes have to sacrifice so many things quotes, the current normal no never seen our sacrifices for them

dentro de la mindset del guerrero o heroe esta q tenga una buena etica y moral, y cual es esa? la q su logica y instintos le digan what is right to do in any situation

Esto para la mindset del heoroe, your mindset concerning to efforts, discipline, ethics and morals, Esto para la mindset del heoroe, your mindset concerning to efforts, discipline, ethics and morals, your mindset, in terms of discipline, effort, ethics and morals your mindset,

Both morality and ethics loosely have to do with distinguishing the difference between “good and bad” or “right and wrong.” Many people think of morality as something that’s personal and normative, whereas ethics is the standards of “good and bad” distinguished by a certain community or social setting.

While they’re closely related concepts, morals refer mainly to guiding principles, and ethics refer to specific rules and actions

Ética (ethics) y moral (morals) se relacionan a conducta “buena” y “mala”. Aunque a veces se usan de manera intercambiable, son diferentes

While morals are concerned with principles of right and wrong, ethics are related to right and wrong conduct of an individual in a particular sitution.

lo que puede crear un conflicto entre los heroes sobre lo que está bien y lo que esta mal



lo de brutal effort and disciplnie dentro dela mindset del guerrero o heroe

heroes they dont  just simply listen the worrds, they take them as actions

themselves for the performance not disappointed or frustated with the outcome no llega y se fijan en los demas, dando gestos de envidia y celosia, los verdderos heroes se fijan en ellos en como mejorarse ellos, a mirror image , es una constante guerra en ser mejor warrior que ayer

undoubtedly, stop obssessing trust to your gut

make them tremble,

believe that your talent and intelligence alone leads to success, and effort is not required. also these  individuals have shown they are motivated by several beliefs

you have to be exceptionally good

demonstrate, looking themselves for peace and silence road to the victory, a proper hero is intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

Ly lo de gain a better perspective, Hero perdio su espkritu no lo perdoo sinl q sentis la necesidad de encontrar algo a parte del espiritu en brighton envontwr ptro espiritu en otro sitio o lugar para rellenarse unos meses de nuevo y volvee a brihon eso es lo q hacen los guerreros q fe dxplico ly

Si es un ambiente toxico, uncomfotable situations, obviamente esp perjudicar su actitud. El hero debe entender eso y ser inteligwbte y alejarse de esa situación toxica porque no le permite crecee para seguir con su camino


a medida q aumentas tu prowess tu mismo te sientes capaz de ir a por major challenges and win hugh presigious eventstournaments capar

acuerdate sobre Fear el lado azul, el batman, la rabia positiva debido a situaciones injustas q te han usado pero el lets prowess hero usa tb su espiritu y fe con su mente gives you a superpower which can defeat even the talents, esto lo pones debajo de stting mindset, seria el lado opuesti a esa ilusion de los miedos … como q necesitamos a veces esa ilusion del miedo como impulso a ser valientes sooo is a balance y x eso Praw sabia q destruir el fear nunca pasaria pero tampoco podias dejar q el miedo o red mas darl te destruya a ti…is a balance… y esto seris el final del libro y de la filosofía


If you shot the gun. You croos the line and become one of them


But it depend on how you react dira el universo, so prove your worth in the universe eyes,

A proper lets prowess hero has to have a disntinguished mindset

a hero is significanty compromised than one (algo asi)


como motivacio as pain as suffering using, overcome them thrut a positive rage,they use those fears as motivation, to overcome them and return stronger


heroes fallen, Other rise become legend

Hay definitons de Mystic y la de reveal q se puede usar para describir a los heroes LP

you have to do your passion with much conviction,

Its a giant step for a hero….

a universal warrior, someone sent by the universe

The heroes having the courage to do what is right

whay i personally believe is the proper personality of a hero de estas medidasA proper Let’s Prowess hero

pero el lets prowess hero usa tb su espiritu y fe con su mente, esto lo pones debajo de stting mindset, usan la rabia a esa injusticia como un powerful impulso para crecer dentro de ellos y volver stronger, usan la rabia a esa situacion injsuta y esos miedos como a powerful impulso

Prpee herors neefs silence time fot them alone to think claramente

They have a great sense of. Humor xq saben q ek buen humor les atrae fuerzas positiva y repela las megatuvas y su presencia llama la atencion de los demas, los atrae pueden ver q tiebe algo especisl, asi son los de estacmente azul

el heore usa su inteligencia mindset distinguised its smrt enoigh t know what good friends have to keep them close in the tough times para tener a sus buenosamigos cerca de el.

The heroes LP using the silence to recover, to think, to make important decisions

The heroes behinds the symbol of Let’s Prowess  are warriors who are self-mastery, train fiercely to accomplish feats of great Prowess even under the harshest of conditions using fear as an encouragement. They are heroes who are able to unleash tremendous resources of skills, endurance, and knowledge that many people don’t realise they already have. They have a natural talent and a combative spirit as a consequence of their beliefs to use it in situations where their total powers and strengths are not enough. 

Universe manipulate in a good way to change you from One country to other if thst plsce is toxic


a hero hat to have a mindset based on outstanding discipline and effort.

the mindset of the heor

Let's Prowess