Passion for Dance | Lya says: «I heard about Desai, she is an inspiring woman»

March 29, 2019.

This is for those who have the Prowess of Desai and Lya: Passion for Dance.

✨Let’s Prowess✨

Everyone knows Lya, she is from the Earth. Desai instead, comes from a planet called Magee

Desai is blind and she is so respected by all creatures in the Universe with the Prowess of Dance.

Magee used to be a planet characterised by a red electrical energy. The creatures born on this planet developed a mysterious electric red force only worked for those who felt the Prowess of Dance: Passion for Dance.

You can imagine what levels they were able to reach with such energy.

Magee is now death, there is no more energy and Desai is a survivor. When the Negative Forces arrived to Magee they started to torture and kill any creature who did not feel resentment inside.

Desai was captured and tortured until leaving her blind.

It is said that one of the brothers of Praw intervened to rescue her being the first time that one of the brothers of Praw faced physically to two of the Negative Forces at the same time.

In the battle called “The eye of the one-eyed”, the brother fortunately saved his life and the life of Desai and together went back to Prawland

The battle left terrible scars to the brother of Praw. We will describe who was the brother and more details in the first book of the Let’s Prowess Storytelling.

Desai said in that moment:

“I am devastated. Thank you Prawland for accepting me in.”

Still there is life and some good vibes remain in Magee. However, everything has changed since then. Before, Desai was in an incredible shape.

There was no one in the universe who could defeat her. Her electric dances and moves reached levels of 100% Prowess skills, definitely her best moment.

After what happened, the Prowess of Dance by Desai was close to disappear. She lost the interest, the desire and the passion.

Some researches say that she was found with the famous five fruits of Prawland ready to kill herself. *We will talk about these fruits in the next chapter.

Lucky for all of us and thanks to:

  1. The energy of Prawland.
  2. The Master in the Prowess Tower of Technology by that time.
  3. And the Master in the Prowess Tower of Dance by that time…

Desai recovered the Passion, the Prowess of Dance and her levels started to increase until now 85%.

Happening now in Prawland, Desai is the Master in the Prowess Tower of Dance and apart of teaching her students or proners* (proners is how the students are called in Prawland) she does hard work to develop her Prowess and recover the level she used to have.

Meantime, Praw (the mascot of Passions – the mascot of Let’s Prowess) is on Earth. He has never seen Desai personally but, he has been with Lya and he is very surprised with these creatures called humans. 

These humans throw like a kind of aurora from their own bodies. Praw has already informedPrawland about this peculiar curiosity.

He has observed that some humans (not all of them) have bigger aurora. Others, have  simply no aurora and Praw does not understand why.

L.P Opinion: In the first book the story is being described in details.




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Passion for dance.

🌎L.P Community ask about these facts:


  1. What was exactly the level of Desai before?
  2. Who are the Negatives Forces?
  3. How to get your passion for dance back?


  1. Over 95%, one of the best of the universe.
  2. You will find out soon.
  3. This is what happened to Desai and she made it, we believe hard work, discipline and love your prowess.

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Passion for Dance.

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Passion for Dance
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