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11th January 2019


ūüĒīThe coordinates of Praw’s spacecraft ūü¶ĒūüźĽūüėéestablish that he is on a planet called Earth.

(ūüĆēPrawland – ūüĆéEarth), according to their radars the Earth is about 850,000,000 kilometers or 193,000,000 miles away from Prawland. What it means that they are going to land on Earth in 90 days.

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ūüõłūü§∑‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹBut !?!? Why do they need to find Praw urgently? What kind of creatures are the brothers of Praw? Who are they?¬†Is something wrong happening in Prawland? Are they good or bad creatures?

ūüßźūüďöWe know something about PrawlandūüĆē.This beautiful planet was formed 4.81 billion years ago and contains a¬†tremendous positive energy in the environment, every year thousands of creatures come from all parts of the universe. Prawland is also known for being the origin of Prowess.

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‚ú®Calling Your Prowess‚ú®

Let’s Prowess¬†story book online chapters ( the first chapter of storytelling Let’s Prowess,¬†new storytime¬†book)
-The beginning-
Passion for Prowess.  
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This is the first storytelling article investigated about this planet called Prawland, we found a lot of information and interesting facts. We also have access to some photos taken from Prawland which give us an idea how this planet may looks like. *The photos are shown below.

Here is the information as far as we know, Prawland is a vital planet where the origin of Prowess is found.

Prawland is¬†completely pure 100%, there is no pollution at all,¬†and the reason is because the planet is protected by a golden¬†unbreakable¬†layer made by the gods of Let’s Prowess, Urora*, Minea*¬†and Calam*(see below).¬†

This golden unbreakable layer is called Stractum what makes the planet have a spectacular bright yellow seen from the Space. This bright yellow colour used to be much brighter, but two crucial events made Stractum lose part of its brightness. The events were:

  1.  The unexplained missing of Minea, this just happened after the first 1000 years of the creation of the planet.
  2. Memorandum.

*(continue reading below to understand)

*The actual Stractum of Prawland seen from the Space.   (story book online chapters)

Prawland is visited annually by thousands of creatures from all parts of the universe in order to get that inspiration and motivation which lead them to find their Prowess. Other creatures who have already found their Prowess just come to develop their % skills on it.

You have to know that Prawland can only be visited three times a year. The stay in the planet can not exceed more than two weeks to avoid the agglomeration and with the aim of everyone can visit and enjoy the planet.

If someone remains more than two weeks, Urora*(see below) will find you in a second and expel you immediately from Prawland. Then, the Council will decide if this expulsion is for life or not.

There has only been one case in which Urora had to expel a creature for exceeding two weeks and one second. It seems to be that this creature fell asleep and the Council did not doubt in expelling it forever. The final vote was by 8-0. *(Continue reading to understand the Council meeting in Prawland).

It is unclear when this planet was exactly created but some researchers insure that the origin of the Planet of Well-Being, as it was called before they changed the name to Prawland, took place hundreds and thousands of years ago. The Earth and human beings did not exist yet.

It is certain that Prawland, as it is called now, was formed from the inheritance of an energy composed of nature and wisdom. The planet has a stunning beauty well known throughout the universe, there is no planet can compete against its beauty. 

The actual planet called Prawland has fourth surfaces:

  1. What they call Catria, what would be the same as the Earth’s surface.
  2. What they call Alma, it is located on Catria, about 50 kilometers from this. What it means that is actually floating. (We are not joking)
  3. What they call Cathendra, it is located on Alma, about 60 kilometers from this. Floating too.
  4. What they call the Caesars, where the negative forces are kept, such as: Ego and Anger. It is located inside the planet, exactly 5000 kilometers deep.

We had access to one photo taken from Catria:

*Catria from Prawland.     (story book online chapters)

If you have the opportunity to visit Prawland and the surface of Catria, don’t hesitate to go because it is gorgeous.

Once you are in Catria there is an interesting curiosity, you are going to be immediately surrounded by the famous Crussonias.

The Crussonias are like butterflies as we know and the books say that they appeared at the beginning of the origin of the planet when it was named as the planet of Well-Being.

The Crussonias are capable of knowing what Prowess you have, even if you don’t know yet. They can see in your inner your motivations, inspirations and analyse your potential.

Before hand, the Crussonias check your body energy and see if you carry a minimum negative force in you. If this happens, the Crussonias will change all their colours quickly in a bright silvery red colour, attracting the attention of Urora*(see below) who will send them off from Prawland straight away.

We know that Crussonias can change to more colours depending of the creatures, the Prowess and the place. We will talk with more details in the book.

In Prawland, specifically what is now Catria, the creatures believe in a legend called khalena. This legend says that the Crussonias are expecting the arrival of ONE creature who will possesses all different Prowess of the universe in its inner and be able to reach 100% level skills in each Prowess, making this creature unstoppable. That is the reason why Crussonias are always exciting when the new creatures come to Catria.

According to Khalena, this creature would have a special training in Alma*(see up) where overcame even the 100% level skills in all distinguished Prowess.

But, as we have already said this is a legend, may be true or not. All we know is that the belief in Khalena has fallen in the last years because during thousands and thousands of years has never happened something similar as the writings of Khalena.

If khalena is true and this creature shows up, the writings say that the Crussonias would change to a spectacular colour never seen before, the clouds would turn green, the trees would release a golden energy, Prethoxy (the visible oxygen in Catria which has a bright vanilla-coloured light) would change to an emerald colour and the lakes and rocks would rise in what would be one of the most incredible events in the universe.

There are more curiosities about this legend that we don’t know yet. What we know is that Praw is a faithful believer in Khalena,¬†on the contrary of¬†his eight brothers, who do not believe in khalena and they think is a joke made by the negative forces.

The reason why Praw has been traveling for thousands and thousands of years through the universe is because he wants to find this creature.

Praw thinks that the future of Prawland and the universe too, depends on this creature. We don’t know why he thinks that, as soon as we know we will tell you in the next chapters.

Back to the Crussonias, they allow you or not to stay in Catria. Once the Crussonias have checked your body energy and confirm your stay in Catria, it is the time they see your inner.

You have to know that the Crussonias must keep the information they got from your inner for themselves. If they share the information, they die immediately.

*Crussonias from Prawland.   (story book online chapters)

Catria has incredible waterfalls, their paths are enchanted with positive energy, the Prethoxy*(see up) is magical, the trees of the forests whisper in your ear unforgettable melodies, the valleys are known for their beautiful lakes and their stunning rock formations.

All sunrises in Catria is an awakening to life, the dawn¬†begin with ‚Äúshooting stars‚ÄĚ leaving from Catria and reaching Cathendra where they disappear. The ‚Äúshooting stars‚ÄĚ named as Candends are the projections of desires and dreams which have been created during the night by the creatures who sleep in Catria.

The Candends are like fireworks, a dawn in Catria is one of the most beautiful things you can experience in the whole universe because the nature begins to sing and you notice a special vibration in the environment like if the cells of your body begin to dance. And then, the magical spells and purifications start. One of the things they do is Sanifolia*(read below).

Furthermore, it is amasing to observe the waterfalls in the sky from Catria (we explain below how this natural monument is possible).

All Catria has an impressive mix of colours and texture with rock formations which have been carved by winds and holy water, and detailed by the best architects in the universe.

The drinking¬†water in Prawland (not only in Catria) is named as Santum and¬†is made by the gods of Let’s Prowess, she is Urora and he is Calam. They live¬†in their temple named as Panctarum, located in¬†Cathendra.¬†

As we have told before, the gods of Let’s Prowess used to be the god¬†Calam,¬†and the goddesses¬†Minea and Urora. We say used to be because Minea is not anymore.

Calam is the most powerful God. He was in love with Minea, but this must surely be a case of unrequited love. It is said that when Minea disappeared, the appearances of Calam became very scarce. He just appears to fulfil his duties.

There is a few information about Minea as she was missing just when everything started. Some researches describe Minea with a tremendous beauty.

When your eyes looked at her immediately remained hallucinated, her smile was delicious and she was known for being very curious and good with all creatures.

*If we get more information about Minea, it will be said in the next chapters.

Urora is different of how Minea was, she is very serious and protective. She is also very beautiful but she does not have that charm characterised in Minea. Urora prefers to stay in the Panctarum and give love to Calam. 

Calam never fixed on Urora but after the missing of Minea, he spent a lot of time with Urora in the Panctarum trying to assimilate the missing and at the end, the touch made the love.

*As soon as we get more detailed information about these facts and the characters, we will explain it in the book.

Actually, Urora and Calam are in charge to take care Prawland and provide security because the Santum* and Sanifolia*(continue reading to find out what Sanifolia is) makes the planet constantly threatened. 

Both gods act as jury, imposing order and letting talk. They are not allowed to give a vote in the proposals as long as the final vote does not end in a tie. If this occurs, they can give a final decision vote to break the tie.

The Council meeting is formed by Praw,¬†his eight brothers and the gods of Let’s Prowess. Praw and his brothers put on the table all their proposals for the prosperity and security of the planet. The gods are not allowed to make proposals.

There is a curiosity here, Praw¬†agreed to take part in the Councils with only one condition, he wouldn’t give his vote in the proposals and would remain as null vote. He did not like the voting system because he complained that is no fair, as more creatures should take part of the voting system, be more democratic.

The condition was approved by the Council because both, his brothers and the gods, knew that they needed the astute proposals of Praw for the prosperity of the planet.

The Council is lead by Urora and Calam as judges, who approve the winning decision in the voting system. It is mandatory that Praw, his brothers and the gods must be present in the Council. Otherwise, the meeting is suspended.

The Council meeting is held in a castle called Phanis. The castle is located floating in Cathendra and has an interesting peculiarity which will be mentioned in the next chapters.

This photo was taken from Cathendra and shows Phanis with Urora floating in a rock:

*Phanis and Urora from Cathendra.   (story book online chapters)

Back to the Gods of Let’s Prowess, we have quite information about Urora*(for next chapter), but from Calam the information is limited. We only know that Calam appeared for first time thousands of years ago when the negative forces managed to come into the Planet of Well-Being¬†(at that time how the planet was called) due to a bad decision of Urora.

Calam had to face alone against the negative forces as Urora was paralysed. Calam defeated them in an epic battle called Memorandum, and locked the negative forces in the Caesars.

And then, he was found lying on the ground almost dead and unconscious by Praw.

The battle left terrible consequences for the Planet of Well-Being nearly to disappear. Now, it is still recovering as Prawland*(continue reading to understand)

Some researches tell us that many creatures with negative forces always want to find the way to enter Prawland and steal Sanctum and Sanifolia. They want to commercialise these products and get benefits.

It is forbidden to carry Santum or Sanifolia out of Prawland. The reason they want to steal Santum is because the effects are anti-aging, you NEVER get older. And the reason they want to steal Sanifolia is because they cure all type of injuries, physical and mental.

There is an interesting fact about Sanifolia. This magical potion has Prethoxy as the main active substance, remember that Prethoxy is the visible oxygen in Catria which has a bright vanilla-coloured light.

The researches dare to say that Prethoxy was originated due to the consequences of Memorandum*(we explain the main consequence below and in the book they will be more detailed).

*Prethoxy from Catria.      (story book online chapters)

When Praw found these bright vanilla-coloured light in the air for the first time, he could not believe that they were the same oxygen. Praw was absolutely fascinated and began to investigate and analyse their properties in his Green House, Catria.

The Green House is a small house, when we say small house we mean very very small house (look below), located in Catria. Every time Praw visits Prawland he lives in the Green House.

This house is a place of meditation where only Praw has access to or that is what he says. It is funny because now the house is so small. However, in the age of the planet of Well-Being the house used to be bigger and incredibly Green.

This photo has been taken by creatures living in Catria and shows how small the Green House is:

*Green House. We talk about this house and the reason of its size below   (story book online chapters)

Praw has always been working and modernising the Green House according to the knowledges and cultures he has been influenced during his journeys to other planets.

He only spends his time in the Green House: 

  1. To unleash his creativity through the paintings and renovation of the house.
  2. To read books.
  3. To keep save all his proposals and secrets.
  4. To make his favourite drink called as Wallachi, which he learnt in another planet. 

More detailed information about Wallachi in the next chapters.

Praw never sleeps*(you will find more information about Praw below) and we say this anecdote because at night, he never stays in the Green House as he prefers to go to his favourite forest (in Catria).

This forest was called infinity foristun in the age of the planet of Well-Being (before Memorandum) and had a beautiful bright purple colour at night. This colour changed to blue after Memorandum.

Now, in the age of Prawland, the forest is called the truth will be told. You have to know that the three wives of Praw have practically lived all their lives in this forest, before and after Memorandum. And YES, as far as we know Praw has had three wives.

The three wives are from different planets, they are beautiful and super smart. Praw needed them close to him in order to obtain their smart advices. This desire of Praw was not going to be easy due to his infidelities among the three, so he had to negotiate.

Then, he offered them to live forever and together in the planet of Well-Being (at that time) and being forgiven for his infidelities.

The three wives accepted. Praw made the proposal in the Council meeting with a vote ending 4-4. Therefore, Urora and Calam had the final decision in their hands and the vote was YES due to the great relationship between Praw and Calam at that time.

Then, the three wives began to live in infinity foristun (called like this at that time). We will talk about the wives of Praw in another chapter.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of Memorandum was that the three wives were trapped in the forest and turned into fairies. Also, the colour of the forest changed to a stunning magical and mystical blue.

The three wives wanted to change the name of the forest desperate and they talked to Praw:

Please please, Praw do it. .

They wanted the name change to the truth will be told. Praw did not understand why they wanted to name the forest like that and the three wives just repeated the same answer again and again:

Please please, do it. 

Praw accepted and made the proposal in the Council getting the approval by 6-2.

Actually, the three already fairies try to leave the forest constantly. But every time they try it the forest burn them making the escape impossible.

When Praw goes back to Prawland, he visits his three fairies at night and talk to them in an unique language called Prawlis. Praw invented this language in the Prowess temple of learning languages, in Alma*(see up).

Prawlis is a language only understood by him and his now fairies. Praw told them that they had to learn this language so no one could understand what they said in the forest. Praw thinks that certain negative forces still exist in the forest, called now as you already know the truth will be told.

There is something else, last visits of Praw are worrying him because when they stopped talking, the now fairies repeated themselves again and again as if they were possessed:

You have to protect it.

Horrible things happened.

khalena does not exist.

-The truth will be told.

In addition, in each visit they look weaker and older as if the forest were absorbing them.

Some researches say that the three fairies are still alive thanks to the Crussonias, they come every night and apparently transmit a vital energy to the fairies in order to keep them alive. It is amasing to see the Crussonias in the The truth will be told because they change to an amasing bright blue colour. This theory is not confirmed.

Praw understands that something is wrong and he remains with their fairies until Dawn to transmit them affection. They watch the Candends*(see up) from a strategic spot in the truth will be told making the Candends even more spectacular.

This is a picture taken with the three now fairies of Praw. We do not how this picture has beeen taken but it is being marketed throughout the universe:

*The three now fairies of Praw in the truth will be told   (story book online chapters)


We had access to one photo taken from outside:


He concluded that these particles incredibly contain healing properties but at such high levels that it was impossible to predict how far they could cure.

The chemical knowledge of Praw

We will continue investigating and tell you more because there are many things about what happened that we do not know yet. 

This is a photo taken from Cathendra and we can also see Urora, the goddess of Let’s Prowess:

*Cathendra from Prawland and Urora.   (story book online chapters)

Cathendra is found in the highest surface of what is now Prawland. This is one of the consequences after the epic battle called¬†Memorandum, by the way, it was Praw¬†who put the name of Memorandum as it means: ‚Äúwhat must be remembered‚ÄĚ, in order not to be cheating again and to remember the devastating¬†consequences when we are not focused on protecting our treasure, dropping a hint to¬†Urora as she was the cause which allowed to the negative forces get in the Planet of Well-Being (at that time).

After Memorandum, the Planet of Well-Being ended completely devastated due to the constants collisions between the positive energy of Calam and the negatives forces.

But the main terrible consequence of Memorandum was the change of the gravitational force. This situation produced that the 8 castles located in the surface of the Planet of Well-Being were uprooted from their respective lands and began to float more and more up.

Praw suggested to his brothers and the gods (Urora and Calam), join the castles through chains and build waterfalls in the castles to make weight and thus counterbalance with the gravity.

Also, it was Praw who put the name of Cathendra and the rest of the names in the new surfaces created, but he didn’t change the name of the Planet of Well-Being to Prawland (*continue reading to understand). We will also try to figure out why Praw chose those names and telling you in the book.

Cathendra has 8 castles, each castle represents one of the eight words to define Prowess. The castles are owned by the brothers of Praw. 

Praw has no castle, everyone in Prawland know the attitude of Praw. He is different, he prefers to live in the forest of Catria although honestly, he does not like to be in Prawland too much time. He just goes to Prawland for the councils and political issues which normally are held twice a year and they make decisions for the future prosperity of Prawland.

Praw is a very curious creature, he enjoys travelling around the universe and find new creatures as he says that is the only way to¬†mentally enriching yourself, knowing other cultures. In addition, he has a goal and is to find the creature of the Khalena‘s legend and bring it to Prawland, he strongly belief in this legend. He has been doing this all his life.

Praw is known in Prawland as the ‚Äúastute‚ÄĚ. Everyone knows that the Prowess of Praw is ‚Äúthe astuteness‚ÄĚ and his level on this is 100%, some creatures dare to say that he has over 100%, only the Crussonias know that.

Praw is an unpredictable character what makes him dangerous. He does what he wants when he wants and does not hide anything. He often acts without caring about the consequences. He lives his life in the way he likes, he has a lot of confidence in himself and a great admiration for the living. In fact, he is known on Earth as the mascot of the Passions, the mascot of Prowess.

He is very independent. Praw is not afraid of anyone or anything and lives his life through his impulses. His mind is very strong like a rock, like a bulletproof and believe it or not, Praw never sleeps. He likes trying new things rather than sleeping. He reads a lot of books daily and as he says, they are his weapons like the meat to feed a lion.

Praw is a bit cocky and he likes to be fashionable. When there are important Prowess events, he likes to dress according to the type of Prowess event.

The intelligence of Praw¬†has always been superior to all his brothers, even¬† to the gods of Let’s Prowess, Urora and Calam. That is the reason why Calam has always respected and supported Praw in all his decisions, the relationship between Calam-Praw was special, everyone knew it.

✨Praw is the mascot of the Passions, the mascot of the Prowess. On Earth, he absorbs winners who truly deserve it. ✨  Praw ???, the Let’s Prowess Mascot.    (Story book online chapters)

*Praw  (Story book online chapters)

When Memorandum happened, Praw was not in the Planet of Well-Being. He returned just when the battle was over and Calam was found lying on the ground by Praw actually. He carried Calam to the Prowess temple of Medicine which was still standing and fixed in the surface (*Alma didn’t exist yet).

And thanks to Praw, Calam survived. But the doctors said that Calam was not going to be the same, he lost a huge quantity of positive energy in the battle and also absorbed hundreds of negative energy. These negative energies still remain in his body. 

After Memorandum, the relationship changed. The negative forces absorbed by Calam during the battle began to awaken. Calam started to doubt himself, stopped attending the Councils and blame everyone for the situation, especially blame Praw.

Calam hid and isolated himself from all kinds of contact with the other creatures while his madness and negativity was growing.

This situation worsened when thanks to the decisions made by Praw ‚Äúthe astute‚ÄĚ as he is known, the Planet of Well-Being was not finally destroyed. The planet ended literally broken with floating castles, volcanoes and thunders hitting from inside the planet,¬†earthquakes, the vegetation destroyed and more. We will explain it in more detail in the book.

But to the amazement of Praw and everyone, this new gravitational force effects along with the beauty and energy always born from the planet, spectacular natural formations were generated and this attracted even more new creatures in the planet. Praw spoke with the best architects in the universe and start to build and keep the new planet.

The results were incredibly spectaculars, the planet seemed a DREAM and everyone cheers to Praw. Everyone except Calam, who was very jealous of Praw. This feeling increased when the Council proposed to reward Praw for his job, determination and astuteness calling the new planet made, Prawland.

Praw did not like this proposal. But finally the proposal was approved by a majority vote. When Calam realised the decision, he felt betrayed by the counsil and his levels of anger, jealousy and envy increased to levels of madness against Praw.

Some creatures say that at night they hear screams coming from the temple of the gods, in Cathendra. Screams of hatred and crying against Praw.

Everyone know who makes these creepy screams and the truth is that¬†the negative forces inside Calam play with him destroying mentally.¬†These voices inside him appearing every night repeating again and again: Praw, Praw, Praw… Making Calam desperate and begging to stop this torture shouting himself for mercy, please, please, mercy, please.

The next photo is taken from Alma:

*Alma from Prawland.   (story book online chapters)

We don’t have information yet about Alma.¬†What we know is they are towers and each tower represents one Prowess. We suppose that the towers are centers of training where you can develop your Prowess. And after Memorandum, they started to float and remain between Catria and Cathendra due to the weight of the towers. As soon we get more information, we will mention it in the next chapter.

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