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🔴This is the Prowess of Matt, his passion, his purpose, his goal in life: Surfing 🏄‍♂️

🤙🏻Matt is a surfer teacher and plays the League of Prowess Entertainment Season One⭐️

🤙🏻He only has one thing in mind, surfing. We wanted to interview him and do some surfing questions and answers. So, we travelled to Cornwall to meet him and experience his Prowess. How he focuses on his Prowess, how he develops his Prowess and how he tries to reach a high level in his Prowess. He also gave us some surfing lessons for beginners. CLICK, What is Let’s Prowess.,’s P.rowess E.ntertainment (L.P.E) Season ONE League,’s P.rowess C.ompetition (L.P.C) Events
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We picked up this surfing questions and answers because we have been releasing the content of Matt these days.

✨The Prowess of Matt✨

✨His Prowess : Surfing 🌊🏄✨



In this video we travel to Newquay to find Matt and do lets prowess. The first thing Matt wants to teach us is how to stand up and pop on the board without water. Here you can find 3 vital tips before starting to surf:


In this video, Matt shows us surfing fitness and stretching before going into the water. He says that the stretches are very important to avoid injuries:

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✨The Prowess of Surfing✨| Let’s Prowess Biography


We have collected social media LET’S PROWESS COMMUNITY internet surfing questions, and MATT ANSWERS.

1- Can surfing kill? 

Answer: Not really.

2- How many calories does surfing burn?

Answer: More than having sex.

3- How many surfing deaths a year?

Answer: Maybe a few, you always keep the awareness on mind when you surf and no problem my friend.

4-How many surfing deaths at mavericks?

Answer: No idea, but I heard is a dangerous place to surf.

5-How many hours surfing to be stand up?

Answer: In a whole day you can make it.

6- Are surfing snails real?

Answer: XDDDD, what do you think?

7-Are surfing lessons worth it?

Answer: My lessons yes, the other teacher lessons don’t think are worth it.

8- Where did surfing originate?

Answer: Look at the streaming video because I can’t remember being honest.

9- If you are surfer, do you catch a girl everyday?

Answer: XDDDD not always.

10-Are surfing lessons necessary?

Answer: YES.


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✨The Passion of Surfing ✨
✨The Prowess of Surfing✨
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