Yana Cherepanova 14-year-old Russian ballerina is EXTRAORDINARY

Yana Cherepanova ballet is so talented and perfect.

🔴Yana Cherepanova age 14 years old started dancing ballet at the age of 4.

👧🏼👗🤸‍♀️This kid showed her incredible flexibility and talent on the internet. Her popularity let her crowdfund her ballet school. Now, Yana Cherepanova instagram has more than 80.000 followers.

🙋🏼‍♀️Yana Cherepanova is now part of the Ballet Academy and she is associated with Petra Conti and David Hallberg both dancers at the Mariinsky Theater.

💪Her incredibly supportive comes from her mother. She has expressed her hope that her daughter becomes a sought-after dancer by ballet companies across the world.
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The Russian Yana Cherepanova teen has been sharing videos of her incredible dancing having crowdfunded her fees at the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Yana Cherepanova training balance:

🔵What is Vaganova ballet academy saint Petersburg russia?

The Vaganova Ballet Academy is one of the most famous and influential ballet schools in the world. At different times it has been known as Imperial School of Ballet.

🔵Vaganova ballet academy diet:



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12:00 – 12 December 2018
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