Luka Modric wins Ballon d’Or, but did Luka Modric deserve golden ball?

Luka Modric wins Ballon d’Or and has been crowned as the winner of 2018.

🔴Cristiano Ronaldo in second position, Antoine Griezmann in third position, Kylian Mbappe in fourth position and Lionel Messi in fifth position.

😡Some players are very disappointed with the result and even angry with the Ballon d’Or and others, very happy with the decision.

😎The Real Madrid midfielder is the first Croatian winner of the individual prize. In 2018, he won his fourth Champions League title and also led his nation to the World Cup final in Russia.

🧐L.P crew OPINION: did Luka Modric deserve golden ball?
Stephen (YES), Modric won the Champions League with Real Madrid for the fourth time in his career. He was the best player for Croatia as he captained them to the World Cup final for the first time. He won UEFA’s Midfielder of the Season, the World Cup Golden Ball and The Best FIFA Men’s Player awards. What else do you need mate?
Romi (NO), absolutely not, this is already a robbery. Ballon d’Or is becoming a joke party! Messi in fifth position and where is Hazard? No one hesitate that Modric is the best midfielder, not the best player instead. CLICK, What is Let’s Prowess?,’s P.rowess E.ntertainment (L.P.E) Season ONE League,’s P.rowess C.ompetition (L.P.C) Events
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Luka Modric wins the Ballon d’Or, since Kaka got his hands on the prize in 2007, Messi and Ronaldo have won five awards each.

The triumph is the end of a memorable year for Modric, one of the finest midfielders of his generation and always an absolute delight to watch.




I would like to thank everyone who helped me to win this award – everybody at Real Madrid and all of my team mates with Croatia – and my wife and my kids, who fill me as a person. We all have dreams. As a child, I dreamt about playing for a big club but winning the Ballon d’Or was much more than a dream for me. It is an honour to be among these great players. I am trying to get used to the idea than I am among a group of exceptional players who have won the Ballon D’Or. I have a lot of emotions, it’s really difficult to express in words. I just give my thanks. It’s a dream that has become reality. It is a great honour, it’s a privilege to life this award right here. This has been a special year.


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  2. […] LUKA MODRIC WINS THE GOLDEN BALLCLICK, You may be interested in this article […]

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